1. Brick as Bernard
  2. Blossom as Miss Bianca
  3. Boomer as Cody
  4. Fuzzy Lumpkins as McLeach
  5. Snake as Joanna
  6. Butch as Wilbur
  7. Ace as Jake
  8. Bossman as Red
  9. Junior as Krebbs
  10. Slim as Frank
  11. Him as Razorback
  12. Buttercup as Marahute
  13. Mrs. Keane as Faloo
  14. Lil Arturo as Baitmouse
  15. Mayor as Chairmouse
  16. Grubber as Twister
  17. Professor Utonium as Francois
  18. Bubbles as Sparky
  19. Ms. Bellum as Cody's Mother
  20. Mojo Jojo, Sedusa, Big Billy, Princess Morbucks, Mr. Mime, Roach Coach and Major Man as Crocodiles

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