Powers have a prerequisite rating in one or more Domains. For example, a Power might have a requirement of Swords 2, which would require the character possess a rating of at least 2 in that Domain, whether through purchasing it, attunements or otherwise.

Spiritual Powers

Spiritual Powers are the sort of direct, supernatural intervention that most mortals associate with holy texts and devoted practitioners, though more often they are effects constrained to other Realms. If a Denizen wishes to shape his Psyche so he can create these effects costs a number of Souls equal to the Domain prerequisite.

Worldly Powers

Worldly Powers represent the events that a Denizen can cause to occur the mortal plane, whether through actions taken by individuals and groups of that plane or direct spiritual intervention. These sorts of “Powers” are usually mundane in nature- driven by a Denizen’s ability to whisper through the veil and subtly influence mortals with dreams, premonitions, and gut feelings. An infusion of supernatural power can generate some truly astounding effects, much as the actions of mortals when freed of material constraints can generate supernatural power. However these Miracles drive or are driven by Mortals and the environment around them. Establishing the sorts of organizations and infrastructure necessary to engineer this sort of event “on demand” requires an 20 Cash and 10 Strings per level of Domain required to purchase the power.

When using Worldly Powers the character generally uses Agents. If they have no such individuals who are tuned to them and pliant to their wishes the cost of activating a Worldly Power is doubled. Conversely, an individual in a hurry or on a budget can sacrifice their Agent to halve the cost- essentially leaving their dedicated servant to catch whatever backlash that the forced job creates.


Available Powers are divided up by their prerequisite Domains.

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