Praetorian Guard
Universe Avp Universe
Species Xenomorph
Gender N/A
Height 6 or 7 meters
Homeworld Unknown
Diet Carnivore

Basic Info

The Praetorian is perhaps one of the most interesting Strains within the Xenomorph biology. It's primary role within the Hive is to guard key locations of importance or interest. And if nothing else, to protect the Queen herself.

Anatomy and Genetics

There are many theories as to where the Praetorian originates from, whither it is "Pure Born", meaning it is born to take form as such, and protect the hive, or that frankly it evolves from the basic caste drone in a molting process.

However most seem to believe that the Praetorian is formed as a last stage in a drone's life cycle. That there is a period that the drone goes through, with molting and growing to immense heights, that while the process goes on, it emits a strong pharamone that enrages the Hive. Thus making most inhabitants aggressive towards the outcast Drone, causing it to retreat to the outward world. Returning as a Praetorian.

The physical features of the Praetorian is very pristine, it's appearance looks very smiler to the Queen, it has a crown like headcrest, large height, and powerful strength.


Praetorian featured in Avp:Extinction.


The Behavior of the Praetorian is possibly one of the most graphic and intense of all the strains, excluding the Queen. Not only is it 'programmed' to automatically become hostile to any foreign intruder of the Hive, but also with the molting process, in which it emits pharamones that somehow enrage other strains.

The Praetorian could be seen as smarter then most Xenomorphic Castes. As it is quite possibly the next in line for the role of the queen.


  • Praetorians are featured in the Games; Aliens Vs. Predator, Avp2, Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction, AVP Arcade, and various console titles.
  • Praetorian is a special force of skilled and celebrated warriors used by Roman Emperors, perhaps defined as "Guard" in term.
  • In various games, the Praetorian is depicted in different ways, in Aliens Vs. Predator the strain walks on all fours, and pounces most of the time. In Avp2, the strain is massive, and has no ability to wall walk. And in Avp:Extinction they can release spores to track enemies.
  • It could be said that the term "Strain" does not suit the Praetorian, seeing how it is a base form of the Drone.

Appearances and Sources

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