This section of the Style Guide contains guidelines for translating proper nouns.

Please have a look at the Lexicon for the ready-to-use translations of the proper names.

General notes

Proper nouns are very tricky and important. Search engine indexes our translations and if the proper name is misspelled, the user seeking information which includes this proper name will not see your translation in his search results. This means your translation will not reach the person to whom it was address.

Please pay the MAXIMUM of our attention to checking the spelling of the proper nouns or adjectives deriving our of these nouns.

The Guide covers only some issues which may arise while translating proper nouns. Always use Wikipedia and Google to verify the correctness of our variant. Currently the transliteration rules for Ukrainian proper nouns are messy and sometimes contradict each other. So if you still have doubts after the verification, use our community blog to ask your peers for advice.

Last Names

-skyi v. -sky

Names that end in the suffix -ський (Ukrainian) or -ский (Russian) should be transliterated as "-sky".

Please see the relevant section of the Lexicon for some live examples.

First Names

Only Ukrainian variants of spelling are given below. Please use the Russian variant for people with Russian origin.

      Vladimir Putin shall be used instead of Volodymyr Putin
      Alyaksandr Lukashenka shall be used instead of Oleksandr Lukashenko
      (see Lukashenka for more details)

Please DO NOT use westernized name spellings instead of Slavic.

      Oleksandr Moroz shall be used instead of Alexander Moroz
      Evhen Kushnaryov shall be used instead of Eugene Kushnaryov

Please see the relevant section of the Lexicon for some live examples.


Using capital letters

Titles shall be only capitalized when followed by the surname of the person holding that office

      President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko or Interior Minister Lutsenko

Titles can be full and brief. A good example of the difference between the full and the brief titles is the Minister for the Foreign Affairs and the Foreign Minister. Please use the full titles when the emphasis is made on position and brief titles when emphasis is made on person.

   The President had now lost control over the appointment of the Minister of Interior
   President Yushchenko accepted the resignation of the Foreign Minister Tarasiuk

Please see the relevant section of the Lexicon for some live examples.

Using brief titles for defining a family status of women

  • Use Miss in front of the name of an unmarried woman when you are speaking to her or referring to her.
  • Use Mrs before the name of a married woman when you are speaking or referring to her (if her marital status is known for sure).
  • If the marital status of a woman is unknown, use Ms. Ms is used regardless of marital status.

Geographic Names

Please use Wikipedia to verify geographic names.

Oblast v. Region

Please use Oblast instead of Region while translating the major administrative units of Ukraine.

     Cherkasska Oblast NOT Cherkassy Region
     Odesska Oblast NOT Odessa Region
     Office of the Prosecutor for Kharkivska Oblast
     Appellate Commercial Court for Kyivska Oblast

You may use city+region construction in case some area around the city is meant

     This bar offers the best cocktails in Zhytomyr Region.
     Some of Ukrainian MPs behave like the cheapest prostitutes in Kyiv Region.

Disregarding of what you mean please DO NOT use mixed variants like Cherkasska Region or Kyiv Oblast.

Rayons v. Districts

If Ukrainian "район" is used for the part of the city, this should be translated as districts.

     Pechersky District Court for the City of Kyiv
     or Pechersky District Court

If Ukrainian "район" is used for the subordinate administrative unit lower then oblast, then use rayon.

     MP Evhen Kushnaryov was shot in Iziumsky Raion of Kharkivska Oblast.

Countries and Nationalities

Please use Wikipedia to verify countries and nationalities.

Tricky examples

Belarus (NOT Belarussia) BUT Belarusian, Belarusians

United Kingdom BUT British

United States (also United States of America) BUT American, Americans

Institutions and Corporations

Using Short and full titles

When translating name of the Ukrainian legal entities short and full titles may be used. Short title is those mentioning only the name of the legal entity without specifying its type.

     Mittal Steel Kryviy Rih

Short titles shall be used by default unless the source text mentions the full title.

Full title is those specifying the type of the legal entity.

     Ukrtelecom Open Joint Stock Company
     Mittal Steel Kryviy Rih Open Joint Stock Company

In most of the cases using short title with abbreviation will be appropriate.

     Ukrtelecom OJSC
     Mittal Steel Kryviy Rih OJSC

Please do not translate titles of the companies. E.g. Enerhetychna Kompaniya Ukrayiny NJSC should not be translated as Energy Company of Ukraine.

Please see the relevant section of our Lexicon for some live examples.

Political Parties

Initials should be included in parentheses on first reference, and can be used by themselves on the second reference.


  • Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU)
  • Our Ukraine People’s Union (NSNU) (use “the” when alone; do not use “the” when followed by “party”)
  • Party of Regions (PR)
  • Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (PPPU)
  • People’s Movement of Ukraine (Rukh)
  • Pora
  • Reforms and Order Party (PRP)
  • Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united) (SDPU(o))
  • Socialist Party of Ukraine (SPU) (can be abbreviated to Socialist Party on second reference)
  • Ukrainian People’s Party (UNP)
  • Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc (BYuT)


The name of the Ukrainian media should be transliterated and followed by the activity description (TV channel, newspaper, magazine, etc.) upon the first reference.

Upon the second and next references only transliteration of the title should be used.

  First reference: Pyatyi Kanal TV Channel
  Next references: Pyatyi Kanal
  First reference: Dzerkalo Tyzhnia Newspaper
  Next references: Dzerkalo Tyzhnia

See Lexicon for examples.

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