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Pre School Favourites ia a VHS From Tempo Kids Club in 1991


  1. Bump - Bump Had a Funny Day
  2. Wimpole Village - The Train Station
  3. Spot - Where's Spot
  4. Wil Cwac Cwac - Honey


  1. The Get Along Gang - The Get Along Gang Detective
  2. Moschops - The First Flower
  3. The Raggy Dolls - The Flying Machine
  4. Moschops - All's Well That Ends Well



  1. Animation: CMTB Animation
  2. Artwork & Music: Steve Augarde
  3. Stories: Christopher James
  4. Narrator: Simon Cadell
  5. © Bump Enterprises Ltd/CMTB Animation

Wimpole Village

  1. Sound: John Woods Studios
  2. Rostrum: Gavin Cookman
  3. Production: Videola Ltd
  4. Narration and Voices: Timbo
  5. © Videola Ltd/Cameron Thomson Ent.


  1. From the books by Eric Hill
  2. Director: Leo Nielsen
  3. Producer: Clive Juster
  4. Music: Duncan Lamont
  5. Voices: Paul Nicholas
  6. © Eric Hill/Salspot/King Rollo Films Ltd

Wil Cwac Cwac

  1. Animator: Rosemary Welch
  2. Backgrounds: Joan Bradshaw
  3. Music: Iolo Jones
  4. Musical dir: Mike Townend
  5. Narrator: Myfanwy Talog
  6. © Siriol Animation for S4C

The Get Along Gang

  1. Voice: Timothy Gibbs, Scott Menville, Don Messick, Frank Welker, and Nicky Katt
  2. © DIC Entertainment/Nelvana


  1. Created and Written by Ruth Boswell and Gregory Stewart
  2. Voices: Bernard Cribbens
  3. © FilmFair London Presentations

The Raggy Dolls

  1. Animation: Roy Evans
  2. Graphic design: Michael Gilbert
  3. Rostrum Camera: Paul Allen, Mike Gates, Mark Wright
  4. Sound dubbing: Keith Quirk
  5. Film editor: Roy Lafbery
  6. Voices: Neil Innes
  7. © Melvyn Jacobson/Yorkshire TV

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