Strain "PredAlien"
Universe Avp Universe
Species Xenomorph
Gender N/A
Height 6 or 7 meters
Homeworld Unknown
Diet Carnivore

Basic Info

The Predator-Alien Hybrid, better known as the "Predalien", is another perfect example of DNA Adaption. The Predalien is a result of embryonic impregnation of a "Yautja" or predator species, and is born into this world with enhanced features.

Anatomy and Genetics

The Predalien is much more different then it's Drone counterparts, most of its physical features have been enhanced by the DNA mix between the species. i.e. Mandibles, enhanced strength, and the spines on the back.


One could say that the behavior of the Predalien is quite similer to a basic drone, however being mixed with the DNA of a predator, it could also be more likely that the predalien could be extremely hostile.



A Predalien featured in the original Aliens vs. Predator.

  • The Predalien appears in numerous amounts of games, ranging from Aliens vs. Predator, Avp2, Avp:Extinction, and various Avp Titles.
  • Despite it's appearances in various media and literiture in the avp universe, the predalien is still debatable under the circumstances of being cannon.
  • In the Game Aliens Vs.Predator 2, the predalien class has heightend strength, and is able to pounce more high then any other strain in the game.

Appearances and Sources

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