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(short list has been made; references being contacted; interviewing will begin soon) WHEN YOU GET WORD, PLEASE REMOVE FROM "NO NEWS" SECTION


Agnes Scott College (vertebrate ecology)- 1st cut made, refs. requested 10/18

Clark University (geography) - letters of reference requested 10/19

Colorado State University (Quantitative Ecologist) - 1st cut made, refs. requested 10/12

Institute of Ecosystem Studies - reference letters requested 10/25

Michigan Technological University, SFRES Dept (wetland ecology) - campus interviews start 11/12

Purdue (Forest Ecologist) - First cut made. Didn't make it, was notified via email 10/13

Purdue University (Human Dimensions of Natural Resources) - reference letters requested 10/31

University of Nevada, Reno (Wildlife Ecology - Department of Natural Resources (not Biology)) - 10/31 (notified via e-mail)

University of Oregon (Center for Ecology & Evolution) - interviews start in early Nov.) 10/15

Utah State University (Wetland Ecology) - campus interviews start 11/12


Brown University (Environmental Change Initiative) - 11/30 asked for publications

Columbia University (Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Studies) - reference letters requested 11/2

Elizabethtown College (Ecology) - 1st cut made, letters sent out 11/8

Iowa State University (Plant Ecologist/Evolutionary Biology) - 11/10

Michigan State University (Wetland Ecology and Management) - letters requested 11/21

Middle Tennessee State U (Plant Biologist) - 11/27 short list made, asked for references

Purdue Univ (Fisheries bio) - first cut, didn't make it, letter sent 11/27

Purdue University (Ecological Impacts of Climate Change) - 11/1

Rutgers University (Evolutionary Biologist) - refs requested from 50 of >200 applicants 11/21 by email

Stanford (Ecology) - 11/27 references requested SUNY Purchase (Environmental Studies) - 11/27 first cuts made, additional information requested

University of Hawaii, Honolulu (Evo-devo) - letters requested 11/16

University of New Brunswick (Population Genetics) - 11/2

University of North Carolina - Wilmington (Conservation Biology) - 11/21 short list made, asked for references

University of Washington (2 positions, biology) - letters requested 11/7

Vanderbilt University (Evolutionary Ecology) - letters requested 11/14

Washington State University (Hydroecolgoist) - 11/12

Westminster College (Biology & Environmental Science) - short list made 11/7


Arcadia University (aquatic zoloogy or animal behavior and neuroscience) 12/14

Appalachian State University (Ecosystem Ecologist) - contacting short list candidates 12/6

Florida International University, (Wetland Ecosystem Ecologist) - letters requested 12/5

Lehigh University (Earth System Scientist) - letters requested 12/4

LSU (Ichthyologist) - letters requested 12/4 Smithsonian Institution (Research Zoologist) - requesting letters for short list 12/3

Truman State University (Ecological Genetics) - short-list made 12/3

UC Santa Barbara (Land Cover/Land change) - letters and publications requested 12/4

University of Rhode Island (GSO - Marine Life Science) - Letters requested 12/11

University of South Alabama/Dauphin Island (Marine Science) - Letters requested 12/11

Upper Iowa University (Vertebrate Biologist) - short list made, references being contacted 12/5

Vassar College (Integrative Animal Behavior) - contacting references of short listers 12/6

Wright State University (Evolutionary Ecology) - letters requested for short list 12/10

University of Maryland (Evolutionary Biology) - letters requested from "top 25% of applicants" 12/12


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