(Prêm´•thôt) The dodeciennial planetary interstitial eclipse of Tefireth by the six inner planets Adamii, Seth, Enoshii, Kenanii, Jaredii and Mahalel which occurs at midnight over Beshrith in Equinox’s northern hemisphere. The juxtaposition causes the transmission of electrogravitic forces that activate chemical transmitters in the bark of the Sequoia adeptus. These transmitters release trace chemical esters that have a significant effect on the brain chemistry of homo sapiens which results in a permanent transformation of mental abilities.

A interstitial eclipse is the interposition of six planetary bodies between a planet and a star. In the case of Premthoth, this eclipse is visible at night because the eclipse occurs when all seven of the planets are in the Keser-most decant of their orbits around Tefireth. The Premthoth eclipse appears as a six-pointed star of hexagon on the brown-red background of the infrared dwarf star.

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