• Monk/Soulknife creating full body mindblade like [1]
  • Soulknife/Egoist (Limbic Animist): mind claws and animal aspects make him more animal-ish [2]
  • Wilder/Martial Adept
  • Paladin/Dragon Shaman (Smite Evil Breath, Draconic Mount, Summoning of Gold Dragons in a way like the Sardior's Calling power, etc.)
  • Blackguard/Dragon Shaman (Smite Good Breath, Draconic Mount, Summoning of Red Dragons in a way like the Sardior's Calling power, etc.)
  • A Bardic-like PrC for Seers (precognition sharing)
  • Dragonfire Adept/Dragon God Devotee PrC
  • Psionic/Martial Adept Ranged-Initiating PrC
  • Transformers-Style PrC for Warforged (Construct-Focused Master-of-Many-Forms?) WTF! but hilarious.
  • Planar Shepard for Innereth Druid Rules (aka PlShep nerf :P)
  • Stone Dragon Style/Dragon Class PrC
  • Speechless Infiltrator [3] I almost wish the flavor was more like 'O' from Planescape:Torment (maybe capstone is becoming a letter of the alphabet or something like Perfect Self for monks?)
  • Diamond Tiger Mentalist [4]
  • Anti-Arcane, -Psionic, -Divine Area guy. Also dispels illusions, etc. (walking antimagic, psionic field, dispells/resists all magical stuff like illusions) Pargusian Unraveler
  • Monster Rancher/Pokemon Trainer Illithid Larva PrC

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