• Cure Flora as Darkwing Duck
  • Cure Fortune as Gosalyn
  • Cure Ace as Liquidator
  • Cure Scarlet as Megavolt
  • Cure Lovely as Bushroot
  • Cure Princess as Morgana
  • Cure Honey as Negaduck
  • Cure Heart as Taurus Bulba
  • Cure Diamond as Gizmoduck
  • Cure Rosetta as Neptunia
  • Cure Twinkle as Stegmutt
  • Cure Black as Launchpad McQuack
  • Cure Mermaid as Steelbeak
  • Cure Sword as J. Gander Hooter
  • Cure White as Tank
  • Cure Bloom as Dr. Sarah Bellum
  • Cure Dream as Honker
  • Cure Egret as Quackerjack
  • Cure Rouge as Splatter Phoenix
  • Cure Lemonade as Tuskernini
  • Cure Mint as Camile
  • Cure Aqua as Darkwarrior Duck
  • Shiny Luminous as Ammonia Pine
  • Milky Rose as Hammerhead
  • Cure Peach as Phineas Sharp
  • Cure Berry as Jambalaya Jake
  • Cure Pine as Bianca Beakley
  • Cure Passion as Isis
  • Cure Muse as Tantalus
  • Cure Beat as Paddywhack
  • Cure Happy as Comet Guy
  • Cure Sunny as Moloculo
  • Cure Melody as Professor Waddlemeyer
  • Cure Peace as Major Synapse
  • Cure Rhythm as Liquidator Girls
  • Cure March as Professor Moliarty
  • Cure Beauty as Vladimir
  • Cure Blossom as Eek and Squeak
  • Cure Marine as Herb
  • Cure Sunshine as Whiffle Boy
  • Cure Moonlight as The Friendly Four

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