• Cure Flora as French
  • Cure Fortune as German
  • Cure Ace as Icelandic
  • Cure Scarlet as English or Irish
  • Cure Lovely as Russian
  • Cure Princess as Polish
  • Cure Honey as Spanish
  • Cure Heart as Italian
  • Cure Diamond as Swedish
  • Cure Rosetta as Portuguese
  • Cure Twinkle as Finnish
  • Cure Black as Dutch, English #2, or French #2
  • Cure Mermaid as Greek
  • Cure Sword as Turkish
  • Cure White as English #3
  • Cure Bloom as Danish
  • Cure Dream as Dutch #2
  • Cure Egret as Albanian
  • Cure Rouge as Norwegian
  • Cure Lemonade as Romanian
  • Cure Mint as Georgian
  • Cure Aqua as Croatian
  • Shiny Luminous as Czech
  • Milky Rose as German #3
  • Cure Peach as French #3, German #4, and Italian #2
  • Cure Berry as Ukrainian
  • Cure Pine as Slovak
  • Cure Passion as Hungarian
  • Cure Muse as Lativan
  • Cure Beat as Serbian
  • Cure Happy as Bosnian
  • Cure Sunny as Belarusian
  • Cure Melody as Macedonia
  • Cure Peace as Bulgaria
  • Cure Rhythm as Moldova
  • Cure March as Slovenia
  • Cure Beauty as Lithuania
  • Cure Blossom as Montenegro
  • Cure Marine as Kosovo
  • Cure Sunshine as Estonia
  • Cure Moonlight as Luxembourg

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