If Sodor Christmas Stories was a real Thomas DVD, these would be the previews.

They are:

  1. Thomas & Friends: Thomas & Duck Save Sir Topham Hatt DVD
  2. Thomas & Friends: Halloween Express DVD
  3. Thomas & Friends: Thomas' Traveling Tales DVD
  4. Barney & Friends: I Can Be A Firefighter! DVD


Thomas & Duck Save Sir Topham Hatt Preview

  • Man Announcer: Now on DVD and Blueray is Thomas in his first-double lenght special, Thomas & Friends: Thomas & Duck Save Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Thomas: We can do this!
  • Man Announcer: An evil biggest diesel named Diesel 5000 captures Sir Topham Hatt and plans to kill.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: (as Diesel 5000 grabs him by his claw) GAH!
  • Diesel 5000: Now I got you!
  • Man Announcer: Now, Thomas and Duck must save him.
  • Duck: Let's go!
  • Man Announcer: Even other engines try to help.
  • Edward: I have an idea.
  • Stepney: Remember Thomas, little engines can do big things.
  • Thomas: That's right!
  • Man Announcer: (as Diesel 5000 gets pushed over the edge of the cliff and falls off it) This 30-minute special is one you'll want to see! Thomas & Friends: Thomas & Duck Saves Sir Topham Hatt. Now on DVD and Blueray.

Halloween Express Preview

  • Man Announcer: All aboard for some halloween episodes of Thomas & Friends.
  • Ringo Starr: Percy knew where he is, even in the dark.
  • Man Announcer: Thomas and His Friends were going to see their favorite halloween stories.

Thomas' Traveling Tales preview

Barney & Friends: I Can Be A Firefighter Preview

  • Man Announcer: Join Barney & Friends as they teach how fire can burn down buildings.
  • Barney: This is Firefighter Frank.
  • Frank: Hi, everyone.
  • BJ, Tosha, Jason, Kathy and Julie: Hi, Frank.
  • Frank: This is Chief. He lives in the firehouse.
  • BJ: (chuckles) Hi, Chief.
  • Frank: Good boy, Chief.
  • Man Announcer: Later, BJ decides to be as firefighter.
  • BJ: What's a smoke detector?
  • Man Announcer: And, Firefighter Frank comes to the school to teach Barney, BJ, Tosha, Jason, Kathy and Julie how they do rules about getting out of buildings.
  • Barney: Oh, Frank. Will you please tell us about what did you wear in a fire?
  • Man Announcer: And, what did it means?
  • BJ: And, if there's a fire, I'll tell the grown up, and then get out.
  • Frank: That's right, BJ.
  • Man Announcer: Barney's I Can Be A Firefighter. Now avaliable on DVD from Loinsgate.

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