Zero and the crew have been captured by the Skregg and taken to the Da'Farrack prison facility. His crew are locked in prison cells, but Zero is taken to the Skregg Leader.

Who--or what--are you, and what have you done to my friends?!

Friends? We don't know the meaning of that word.
—The Skregg leader

The leader introduces himself, and offers Zero a deal.

We could make a deal, human. My fleet has twice the resources, twice the size, twice the firepower and twice as much territory as your Earth Empire does.
—The Skregg leader

But you don't have twice the determination we humans do. And that counts for everything when we fight.

Exactly. And that is why we need you with us. You are great conquerors. You have skill. And you have the Earth-Link.
—Skregg Leader

What? You mean the wormhole?

—Skregg leader

The Skregg Leader then gets straight to the point by telling Zero of false promises of unlimited power. But Zero sees straight through his lies, and says his duty goes to the Earth Empire.

With that, Zero is tossed into a prison cell with Aiden. Zero asks if Aiden "did it" and Aiden says he did. He then tells Zero that the key word is "bodyguard."

Zero then called forward the two guards keeping watch over their cell. He asked them if they knew if Aiden was Zero's friend. They said they didn't know the meaning of the word friend.

Then maybe you know the meaning of the word "bodyguard."
—Zero, right before the VAC's explode

Voice-Activated Charges then explode, ripping the cell door right off its hinges and crushing the Skregg guards. Zero tells Aiden that he did a good job of planting the charges,

But could you be a little more subtle next time?
—Zero to Aiden

Zero then decides free all of the prisoners and take all he can with them through the newly dubbed Earth-Link.

Once the last prisoner is freed, Catscratch asks if Zero has an escape plan, but he doesn't. Catscratch then begins to go on a rant about how it really grinds his gears when people plan to do one thing but don't have Phase 2 planned out.

However, Meatbag comes up with a plan to escape on the Spitfire. He steals a map of the entire facility from one of the Skregg.

Well, where's the Spitfire at?

"Earth Empire ship holding facility."
—Meatbag reads a label


They need better labels.

Zero orders the prisoners to armor up and roll out. They get to the Spitfire with surprisingly little resistance. They start up the Spitfire and break orbit, and then finally make it to the Earth-Link after shaking off a few Skregg fighters.

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