Prince Ansom is the Chief Warlord to King Slately of Jetstone, and the leader of the Royal Crown Coalition against Lord Stanley.



Race: Men
Class: Warlord
Special: Leadership, Royal


Prince Ansom is the Chief Warlord and Heir of the Jetstone side, and the leader of the Royal Crown Coalition against Stanley. including forces from his own Jetstone tribe, other Royal ruled tribes, various tribes of Elves, and Marbits. His goal is to conquer Stanley's last remaining city and put an end to him. As the story begins, he anticipates an easy victory (given the massive numerical superiority of his forces and Stanley's history of inept leadership).

His publicly declared reason for leading the fight is to rid the world of Stanley's "great evil" (several of the other coalition members have been attacked by Stanley, though Jetstone itself has suffered only minor skirmishes with him prior to the current war). However, Vinny Doombats suspects that his real motivation is that he dislikes Stanley's rise from common infantry unit to Overlord. Ansom deflects the question rather than answer it, giving the impression that the suspicion is correct.

Ansom strongly believes in the special status of royalty and nobility. This manifests as a strong sense of noblesse oblige and personal courage. On the other hand, it feeds his tendency toward overconfidence and causes him to underestimate his "inferiors".

He possesses, but is not attuned to, the Arkenpliers. Even unattuned, they have the ability to "turn most uncroaked to dust;" it is not known what abilities they would manifest in the hands of an attuned wielder.

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