Princess Celestia's Birthday Party is the fourth episode of the fifth season of Spike the Dragon and Friends, and the one hundred and eighth episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas and Friends episode, Lady Hatt's Birthday Party.


  • Spike as Thomas
  • Pipsqueak as Percy
  • Angel as Bertie
  • Zecora as Caroline
  • Score as George
  • Hoity Toity as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Princess Celestia as Lady Hatt
  • Cranky Doodle Donkey as James (cameo)
  • Goldie Delicious as Mrs. Kyndley (cameo)
  • Cherry Jubilee as The Refreshment Lady (cameo)
  • Everyone else as Themselves


Narrator: "One summer's day, Spike and Pipsqueak were idling in the station when Angel the rabbit arrived."

Angel: "Have you noticed something?"

Spike: "What sort of something?"

Narrator: "Asked Spike."

Angel: "Hoity Toity. He, well, seems different."

Narrator: "Replied Angel."

Pipsqueak: "I did see him staring at the clouds this morning."

Narrator: "Said Pipsqueak."

Pipsqueak: "I wonder why."

Narrator: "The reason was simple. It was Princess Celestia's birthday, and Hoity Toity had a new outfit."

Princess Celestia: "It's perfect for my birthday party."

Narrator: "She said."

Princess Celestia: "You'll look splendid, Hoity dear."

Hoity Toity: "And I'll wear my finest hat just for you."

Narrator: "He replied."

Hoity Toity: "Your birthday is a great occasion."

Princess Celestia: "It is. So don't be late."

Hoity Toity: "Don't worry, my dear. I shall be spic-and-span and right on time!"

Narrator: "Later that day, Hoity Toity had changed into his new suit."

Stationmaster: "You look fine, sir."

Narrator: "Said the stationmaster."

Stationmaster: "You'd best be going."

Hoity Toity: "Indeed."

Narrator: "Agreed Hoity Toity."

Hoity Toity: "The animals are busy. I'll take the car."

Stationmaster: "Is it reliable?"

Narrator: "Asked the stationmaster."

Hoity Toity: "Certainly."

Narrator: "Said Hoity Toity.

But is wasn't. As he sped along, he suddenly saw a large hole in the road. He braked hard, but it was too late."

Hoity Toity: "Bother! Now I've got a puncture. If I change my wheel, I am sure to dirty my suit and that would never do."

Narrator: "Just then, he heard Zecora."

Hoity Toity: "I have to attend Princess Celestia's birthday party and I cannot be late. Please give me a lift."

Zecora: "I'll try, sir."

Narrator: "But Zecora didn't like going fast."

Zecora: "I'm hot. My body will overheat."

Narrator: "And it did."

Zecora: "Told you so."

Narrator: "Said Zecora sadly."

Hoity Toity: "Bother, bother."

Narrator: "Then heard a loud whistle. It was Score the pegasus pony. Score was cross when he was Zecora."

Score: "Call yourself a zebra? You're a disgrace to the road. Find yourself a scrapyard."

Narrator: "Zecora spluttered in fury. Score's driver was more polite."

Score's Driver: "Can I be of assistance, sir?"

Hoity Toity: "Only if you can get me to Princess Celestia's birthday party."

Narrator: "Sighed Hoity Toity."

Score's Driver: "We can take you to Spike."

Narrator: "Replied the driver."

Score's Driver: "He just down the road."

Hoity Toity: "Much obliged."

Narrator: "And they rumbled away."

Zecora: "What about me?"

Narrator: "Wailed Zecora."

Hoity Toity: "I'll send for help."

Narrator: "Called Hoity Toity."

Hoity Toity: "Stay there."

Zecora: "That's all I can do."

Narrator: "Score was enjoying flying along the lane, but not Hoity Toity. Oil splashed everywhere. Worse was to follow."

Score: "Help!"

Narrator: "Cried Score."

Score: "Something's snapped!"

Narrator: "He veered out of control, and Hoity Toity landed in a muddy ditch close to where Spike was having a drink."

Hoity Toity: "Bother, bother!"

Narrator: "Spike had never seen Hoity Toity in such a mess."

Spike's Driver: "Can I help you, sir?"

Narrator: "Asked Spike's driver."

Hoity Toity: "Yes, please. Get me to the station as fast as your can."

Spike's Driver: "I'm afraid our fireman's been taken ill."

Hoity Toity: "Then I'll be your fireman."

Narrator: "Spike was excited. Hoity Toity had to work hard. Dust and smoke flew everywhere.

At last they reached the station. Hoity Toity looked at the clock."

Hoity Toity: "Just in time."

Narrator: "He gasped. He hurriedly picked up a huge bunch of flowers."

Spike: "Good luck!"

Narrator: "Called Spike.

Princess Celestia was waiting for him. As the clock struck three, there stood Hoity Toity, tired but triumphant. He gave her the flowers."

Princess Celestia: "Well, thank you, my dear. I knew this was my special birthday party, but I didn't know it was fancy dress!"

Narrator: "Everyone laughed, and then the party began."

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