TheUnitedPikachus version of Charolette's Web

Young Wilbur-Pichu(Pokèmon)

Adult Wilbur-Pikachu(Pokèmon)

Charolette-Princess Celestia(My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic)

Templeton-Hawkbit(Watership Down TV Series)

The Goose-Mother(The Trumpet of the Swan)

Jeffrey the Gosling-Young Louie(The Trumpet of the Swan)


The Ram-Melman(Madagscar)

Henry Fussy-Ash(Pokèmon)

Avery Arable-Max(Pokèmon)

Mr. and Mrs. Arable-Norman and Caroline(Pokèmon)

Homer and Edith Zuckerman-Laura's Parents(Hamtaro)


Mrs. Fussy-Jessie(Pokèmon)

Joy,Arana,and Nellie-Twilight Sparkle,Rainbow Dash,and Pinkie Pie(My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic)

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