Princess Karaoke is the twenty-fifth episode of Digimon Adventure and also the first Musical episode. In the episode, Tai, Joe and the Mask discover Mimi being waited on as a princess by some music-loving Digimon, who hope to awaken their master from a deep sleep using the power of Mimi's voice.

It's the first Episode to be written by Award-winning Lyricist Howard Ashman. Mimi's Song was composed by Alan Menken, with Lyrics by Howard Ashman, who also wrote the adaptation.


Tai, Joe and the Mask take Matt's boat to a castle on an island.


(In the Swan Boat, Joe, Tai and the Mask pedal whilst Agumon and Grovermon sit on the roof and Gomamon relaxes up front.)

Agumon: Hey, what's with you guys?

Grovermon: Can't you make this bucket go any quicker than lightning?

The Mask: What are you doing to help?

Agumon: Watching for Icebergs.

Gomamon: We'd gladly trade places with you but-

Agumon, Gomamon and Grovermon: Unfortuately, our little legs won't reach the pedals!

(They both laugh.)

The Mask: Hey, we could go quicker than lightning if we threw you off the boat!

Agumon and Grovermon: You wouldn't!

Tai: It's tempting...

Gomamon: Better not.

(They land the boat on the short and look upwards at a huge palace, on the top of a cliff. It's built in traditional oriental style, with lots of tapering roofs.)

Joe: Wow, that palace is huge!

All: Wow...

The Mask: And way up there, too.

(Tai's digivice shows an exterior plan of the cliff with a red dot shining inside the palace.)

Tai: But there's not doubt about it. This is Mimi. So up we go!

The Mask and Grovermon: Aye Aye, Captain!

(They clumb up steps built into the rock face, and reach the huge door of the palace. From inside, they hear lots of voices. They open the door and see loads of Digimon milling about - they all appear to be either Gekomon, the green Frog-like ones with brass horns entangling their bodies, or Otamamon, the blue tadpoles. The lead Gekmon has a raspy voice.)

Gekomon #1: Alright, you know what to do! Wait, what are you talking about? Get out of my way!

Tai: Is this a palace?

Joe: Seems like it.

The Mask: And more likely, it doesn't seem like the Coco Bongo.

Gekomon #1: Her Highness is getting angry!

(Cue Digimon Analyzer!)

Gomamon: Oh, these are Gekmon? I've heard of them. They really love music - not surprising since they're born with those horns.

Otamamon #1: Hurry, before she blows her top!

Agumon: And i've hear of the other Digimon, they're called Otamamon.

Gekomon #1: Hurry! Hurry!

Gomamon: Can you help us? We're looking for someone.

Gekomon #1: Bout time you got here. Where's the triple hot Fudge Sundae we ordered for delivery to the Princess?

All: That's not us.

Gekomon #2: Then you must be delivering her Bacon Chilli Cheeseburger with Fries and a Super-Size Milkshake!

All: That's not us either.

Gekomon #3: Of course not! They're delivering the Garden-Fresh Salad with Low-Fat Dressing without Dessert!

All: We'd like to ask a question if you don't mind.

Gekomon #1: Her Highness asked for a Fudge Sundae!

Gekomon #2: No, she wanted a Bacon Chilli Cheeseburger!

Gekomon #3: Excuse me, she said she wanted a Green Salad!

Tai: Hey, excuse me! Have you seen a girl in a hat?

Otamamon #1: Hey, we're ordering Lunch here!

Joe: Well then i'll have a Burger.

Otamamon #1: All the Princess really cares about is that polka-dot party dress she ordered.

Otamamon #2: Old news! Now she wants pink leather pants with matching boots and accessories!

Otamamon #1: No one told me that!

Otamamon #2: Oh, get with the program!

(The Gekomon and Otamamon continue to argue furiously.)

The Mask: This is getting very annoying.

Joe: It sounds to me like this Princess of theirs is extremely picky.

Tai: She sounds kinda spoiled if you ask me.

The Mask: I wonder what happens if they don't do what she says?

All Gekomon and Otamamon: Here she comes!

(They all stop arguing and run off.)

Gekomon #1: Presenting, her Highness, the Princess!

Tai: Cool, we're gonna get to meet the Princess!

The Mask: About time!

(A figure clad in a flowing white dress and pink ribbons down the stairs. The camera pans up and...)

Tai, Joe and the Mask: Huh? It's Mimi!

(Mimi's lost her hat, and wears a tiara instead. She also carries a fan.)

Mimi: Oh, bummer.

Tai, Joe and the Mask: Huh?

Mimi: What a surprise.

(The Otamamon and Gekomon all bow down before her.)

Tai: You're telling me!

Grovermon: What are you doing up there?

Mimi: What do you think? I'm being a Princess, of course!

The Mask: We can see that already.

Agumon: So you're the spoiled Princess we've been hearing about.

All: We should've know it was Mimi!

Mimi: Don't call me Mimi anymore! That's Princess now!


(In the Twisted Forest, Mr. Smee, Igor, Bill Jukes, Mr. Starkey, Noodler and Alf Mason get in a Huddle comunicating with each other.)

Mr. Smee: This plan of yours is working perfectly, Igor.

Bill Jukes: And we'd better not fail. 

Igor: The Gekomon and Otamamon are spoiling her rotten and she's heating it up.

Mr. Starkey: If she keeps this up much longer, her Crest of Sincerity is gonna be useless to her.

Noodler: But what would happen if we disappoint the Captain again?

Alf Mason: It's not gonna happen, Noodler. We're not going to disappoint the Captain.

Mr. Smee: Alf Mason is right boys. We must remain stronger and keep this up.

Igor: Right, and see that we don't disappoint Master or Jafar.

All Pirates and Igor: Nor Captain Hook!

Alf Mason: Now let's get out of here!

All Pirates and Igor: AND AWAY WE GO! HIKE!!!

(They zip out.)


(In a fancy bedroom, the Boys meet up with Mimi for a chat.)

Joe: Well, the important thing is that you're all right.

The Mask: Yeah, that's for sure.

Tai: Well come on, let's get a move on!

Mimi: No way!


(The three main Gekomon and two Otamamon lead them across a bridge connecting the main castle with a much smaller building.)

Joe: You're not taking us to meet an evil Digimon, are you?

Gekomon #1: Uh-uh.

Tai: What if Mimi catches us?

Gekomon #2: She won't.

The Mask: Is Captain Hook in there?

Gekomon #3: Nope.

(They walk into the room. It's decorated like a Disco Hall and there's a very large red Digimon sitting at the back, with his back towards them.)

Gekomon #3: Here's our master, Lord ShogunGekomon!

Company: Woah!

Tai: That's what he looks like?

The Mask: He looks like a Giant if you ask me.

Joe: Is it a statue, or what?

Gekomon #3: No, it's not a statue, he's very much alive!

Tai, Joe, The Mask, Agumon, Gomamon and Grovermon: Huh?

Agumon: He may be alive, but he's not very lively, is he?

Grovermon: He looks like a Dead Living Statue.

Otamamon: He's sleeping.

Gekomon #1: He's been this way for over Three Hundred years. You see, Lord ShogunGekomon was proud of his voice and entered this Singing Contest, but he lost. He felt so bad he fell into a deep from which he's never recovered. It's said only a voice as beautiful as the one that beat him can wake him. For Centuries we've tried, but every Song's failed.

Gekomon #2: We Gekomon love Music, but unfortunately not one of us has a voice that would be considered beautiful.

(A Flashback shows Mr. Smee, Mr. Starkey, Alf Mason, Bill Jukes, Fosse, Bernstein, Noodler and Igor talking to the Gekomon and Otamamon.)

Otamamon #1: Then we got a break. A group of Pirates and a Hunchback Scientist spoke of a girl with a pretty voice. He told us where to find her and we did!

(In another Flashback, Music kicks in, and on Stage, Mimi starts to sing!)

(Song: Chicago, Illinois from Victor/Victoria)

Mimi: Mmmm.... Ah - sorry, i forgot the Words! (All the Gekomon and Otamamon fall down, Anime Style.)

(The Gekomon have assembled a huge spread of Food for Mimi.)

Mimi: Wow, you mean all this is for me?

Gekomon #1: Maybe this will help you remember the words.

(Back on Stage, Mimi gives it another shot.)

(Song: Cabaret from Cabaret)

Mimi: Mmm... You know, this place is too dark. How 'bout we get a Disco Ball and some spotlights, huh? And of course, we'll need hair, makeup and costumes!

(The Gekomon and Otamamon all sweatdrop. The costumes are Mimi in her special dress, and some backing Gekomon with grass skirts and flower wreaths, holding tambourines and maracas. The Music starts up yet again, and Mimi gets ready to sing.)

(Song: That Terrific Rainbow from Pal Joey)

Mimi: Oh, i'm tired - let's pick it up tomorrow!

(End Flashback.)

Otamamon #1: And that's the way it's been, one excuse after another!

Gekomon #2: We've done all she's wanted - we've even redecorated the entire palace for her.

Otamamon #2: I used to like pink, but now i can't stand to look at it!

Otamamon #1: And if any one of us complains to her...

(Short Flashback effect.)

Mimi: Woah, be careful, you wouldn't want me to lose my voice, now would you?

Otamamon #2: So we're in a terrible position, you see, we're totally helpless.

Joe: Unfortunately, you've given Mimi the life she's been accustomed to, and then some!

The Mask: Now she's become a selfish brat!

Gekomon #2: Well, since you're friends of hers...

Otamamon #2: Coulld you please reason with her, place? We'd be so eternally grateful.

Agumon: I don't think she knows what reason is!

Tai: Just leave it to me, guys! I've got it!

All: Huh?

Gekomon #3: I knew it, i knew you'd come through!

Both Otamamon: Yay!

Joe and The Mask: What are you thinking, Tai?

Tai: Well, who says you need Mimi to wake up Jumbo?

Joe: What are you talking about?

Grovermon: What's that supposed to mean, Tai?

The Mask: Are you becoming illusional?

Tai: Crank it up and let me take a shot!

(Everyone sweat drops.)

All: You?

(They all start laughing.)

Tai: What're you laughing at?


(Turn it up!)

Tai: You ought to ask Magical Mr. Mistoffelees. The original conjuring Cat.

(Song: Mr. Mistoffelees from Cats)

Joe: Hey, let me give it a shot.

(Song: Seventy-Six Trombones from The Music Man)

The Mask: I'll have a turn.

(Song: Henry Ford from Ragtime)

(Everyone else shakes their head sadly. It's Agumon, Grovermon and Gomamon's turn.)

(Song: I Got the Horse Right Here from Guys and Dolls)

Joe: It's no use...

The Mask: They don't work at all, guys.

Tai: After that, he may not wake up for another three hundred years.

The Mask: And what's more, it'll be more than ten thousand years. Not counting the Genie of course.

Palmon: Hey guys!

(She walks to them, still wearing her dress.)

Tai: Palmon!

Palmon: Why did you all disappear like that? It's like you weren't even happy to see us!

Agumon: What are you talking about?

Grovermon: In case you hadn't noticed, Mimi has gone completely weird.

Palmon: Yeah? Mmm...hmm... Now that i think of it, she has kinda gone off the deep end, i mean even for her!

Tai: Oh, uh, you noticed?

The Mask: That was very irresistable of you, Palmon.

Gomamon: You're so observant.

(Palmon giggles sheepishly.)


(Outside Mimi's boudoir, the six boys sit with a tape deck ready.)

Joe: So she'll be performing and won't even know it?

Tai: Yeah, and we'll get the whole thing on tape!

The Mask: Hopefully, it will work.

(A wire extends from Tai's tape deck, through the windo and into a Karaoke Machine inside the room.)

Gomamon: Watch it!

Grovermon: She's coming!

(Mimi and Palmon come into the room. Joe, Agumon and the Mask duck out of sight, then peek through the window.)

Mimi: What's this?

Palmon: It's a Karaoke Set.

Mimi: Yes, i can see that, but what's it doing in my royal chambers?

(Palmon laughs nervously.)

Palmon: I just love hearing you sing, i thought you might give us a private concert! Here!

(She hands Mimi the microphone.)

Mimi: Hmm...

(The familiar beat to "Cabaret" starts up.)

Palmon: Thanks, you're the greatest! Now, feel the Music, feel the Music!

(Mimi gets pumped up...)

Joe: Tai, is she falling for it?

The Mask: Will she sing, for sure?

Tai: Mmm-hmm.

(Tai has a pair of headphones on.)

Mimi: Hmm, hmm... huh, what's that cord for?

(She follows the path of the wire, and spots Gomamon's paw, the Mask's tip of his Hat and the tops of Joe and Agumon's heads through the window.)

Mimi: I see...

(Mimi takes a deep breath, then screams as loud as she can down the mircophone, and straight into Tai's ears! Everyone outsides screams at the extremely loud noise.)


(In the Palace dungeons, Mimi (assisted by several Gekmon, who look indifferent) lock Tai, Joe, the Mask, Agumon, Gomamon, Grovermon and Palmon in the Jail Cell.)

Mimi: So, you though you could pull a fast one on Princess Mimi, did you?

Tai and the Mask: That's Princess Meanie!

Agumon and Grovermon: Yeah!

Joe: Who do you think you are anyway?

Gomamon: Don't you remember we're your friends?

Mimi: I remember you tried to tricked me...

The Mask: We tried to trick you because we're trying to save you!

Tai: Have you completely forgotten about the Crest of Sincerity?

Agumon: Have you completely forgotten it's not nice to lock people in your dungeon?

Grovermon: Where's your manners?

Mimi: Hmph.

Tai: Wait!

The Mask: Hold it!

Palmon: Uh, before you go, i have something i wanna tell you.

The Mask: Uh oh.

Palmon: Nobody likes you more than i hurts me deeply to have to say this,'re a spoiled brat!

Mimi: (gasp) Is that a fact? Well it's nice to know how you really feel! Hmph!

Palmon: Oh.

(She marches out, accompanied by the Gekomon.)

Groucho: Boy, you guys are sharing the same Jail Cell with me.

Company: Groucho!

Joe: Did Mimi put you in the Dungeon too?

Groucho: Yes she did. I tried to convince her to get out, but she refused. As a result, she threw me in this wretched place! Now you're doing the same thing.

Agumon: Easy for you to say. What can we do?

Groucho: I'm not sure, we have to find another way out of this Dungeon.


(Night time in the Palace. Mimi's dreaming. She is walking down in a mysterious and dark hallway.)

Mimi: Hello? Is anybody here?

(Song: The Mirror/Angel of Music Reprise from The Phantom of the Opera)

(She enters the mirror.)

Mimi: Who are you, where's the voice?

Phantom of the Opera: I am the voice!

(She gasps)

Phantom of the Opera: Do not be afraid, you are no danger.

Mimi: Who are you?

Phantom of the Opera: As you can see; i am not a Spirit or a Ghost, i am the Phantom of the Opera, a Man.

Mimi: You are a man!

Phantom of the Opera: I beg your forgiveness, but you must come with me.

(Song: The Phantom of the Opera from The Phantom of the Opera)

Mimi: What is this place?

Phantom of the Opera: This is where i live, and where you shall live.

(Song: The Beauty Underneath from Love Never Dies)

(Mimi tosses and turns in her Bed at the Palace.)

Mimi: Oh....keep away from me. I won't look at your hideous face! Somebody, please! Help me!

Sora: Hey, hey!

(Mimi wakes up and sees Sora at her Bedside.)

Sora: Hey, Mimi.

Mimi: Where am i? What?

Sora: Do you have any idea what the Phantom of the Opera was trying to tell you, Mimi?

Mimi: I'm really? Oh, i really am!

Sora: Well then you know what have to do to make things right.

Mimi: Yes...

(Sora takes Mimi's hand.)

Sora: Atta girl. I knew you'd find yourself again.

(Everything turns to whiteness as Mimi is woken up again by a shining Green Light - from her Crest.)

Mimi: The Crest! Sora?


(In the Jail Cell, all seven prisoners are asleep. Palmon is using Tai's lap as a pillow.)

Gekomon #1: Alright, wake up!

Company: Huh?

Tai: What now?

Gekomon #1: The Princess wants you.

Groucho: Is she gonna chop off our heads?

Joe: Don't even joke...

The Mask: Or think about it.

(They go to the Disco Hall.)

Otamamon #1: What's going on?

(Mimi - in her normal clothes - rises from below the Stage.)

Tai, Joe, The Mask, Agumon, Gomamon, Grovermon, Palmon and Groucho: What's she up to?

Mimi: First of all there's something i have to say to everyone here - Tai, Joe and the Mask, Agumon, Grovermon and Gomamon, Palmon, Groucho - all of you've been so nice, i'm so sorry!

Company: (gasp)

Gekmon #1: What's she saying?

(Everyone looks shocked.)

Mimi: I've been such a terrible fool. If you can find it in your Hearts to forgive me, and i don't know why you would, but if you can, then i'd be honored to sing for you one more time.

(She's crying, and it shows in her voice.) 

Palmon: We forgive you!

Gekomon #1: Of course we do. Sing, your highness!

Mimi: Oh...thank you...

Palmon: Hit the Lights and Cue to Music!

(The Song starts up again.)

(Mimi's Song. Composed by Alan Menken. Written by Howard Ashman.)

(The Music stops and ShogunGekomon wakes up. He has the same eyes as the Gekmon and has two Brass Horns entwined around him. ShogunGekomon gets up out of smoke like a Genie in the Bottle.)

ShogunGekomon: OOOOOOOOHHHH YEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!! OY!! Being asleep for Three Hundred years will give you such a pain in the neck! Hang on a second.

(ShogunGekomon turned his head around, causing it to crack and blow his horns.)

ShogunGekomon: Boy, does this feel good to be awake again?! I'm telling you it's nice to back, guys. Hey thanks for waking me, my dear. Where you're from, what's your name?

Mimi: (Giving a curtsey) Mimi, your Majesty.

ShogunGekomon: Mimi! Hello, Mimi. Nice to have you here tonight. May we call you Gigi or maybe just Fifi, or how about Julie? Ah, but what the hey? We'll just call you Mimi.

Groucho: Princess Mimi, because you've woken up the great ShogunGekomon, you deserved one last wish. Now what will it be, Princess?

Mimi: I wish for your Freedom!

Groucho: What? What did you say?

Mimi: Groucho, you're free.

Groucho: I can't believe it. I'm Free, i'm Free, i'm finally Free!

(Groucho is rocketed into the sky like a ton of fireworks.)

Groucho: (Laughing) I'M FREE!!!! Oh, does this feel good?! Oh! I'm Free! I'm Free at last! Oh, that feels great! Thank you, Princess Mimi. For making me a Free Genie.

Mimi: Can you forgive me?

Groucho: Of course i can, that's what Genies do.

Mimi:'re the best! Oh, thank you.

(She hugs Groucho who hugs her back.)

Groucho: I'm just glad old Mimi's back.

Gomamon: (Tearing up) It's all so wonderful. Yet so loving. I'm not gonna cry, i'm not. (Starts to cry and blows his nose on Grovermon's ear.)

Grovermon: Ahem!

Gomamon: (Notices Grovermon) Oh, sorry.

Mimi: Oh dear, i can't get down. Will you help me down please, Joe?

Joe: All right, i'll help you down.

Groucho: Your Princess awaits.

(Joe picks Mimi up from the Stage)

(Song: Ten Minutes Ago from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella)

(Mimi spins around like a Ballerina and stops in front of Tai.)

Mimi: (Gasps.) Tai!

(Mimi falls in her knees, crying. Tai crouches in front of her and lifts her head.)

(Song: Shall We Dance? From Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King and I)

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