• Narrator: One day, Peach and mario went to a Video store, when Peach saw a 1994 Sesame Street 25th Anniversary Edition VHS, he went crazy!
  • Peach: Can I have this tape?
  • Mario: Nah!
  • Peach: But, But.........(wails loudly) WAAHHHHH!!!!!! I WANT THAT 1994 SESAME STREET 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION VHS!!!!!!! WAHAHA!!!!!!
  • Mario: YOU MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Peach: But I still want that tape!!! WAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
  • Peach: (wrecks the video store) WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!
  • Narrator: The next day, Peach and Mario went to the toy store and Peach saw a retired 1993 Percy train.
  • Peach: Can I have that retired 1993 Percy?
  • Mario: NO!!! IT'S A PHONY!
  • Mario: YOU MUST DIE, PEACH!!!!
  • Peach: (wrecks the toy store) WAAAAAAAA!!!!
  • Narrator: Then, the police cops came into the scene and Mario and the other kids ran away from Peach's tantrum.
  • Dick Daring: We're going to handcuff you, PEACH!!!!
  • Peach: Mario don't me to drag me out of the store!!! YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!!!
  • Riley Daring: We won't let you do that, Peach!!
  • Peach: LET GO OF MY FEET!!!!!
  • Riley Daring: Officer Dick Daring, we need to put Peach in jail, right now.
  • Dick Daring: Yes, Riley!
  • Narrator: Later, Dick, Riley, Todd, Scorpius, Car, Agent K, Princess Daisy and Waluigi were playing basketball in a field.
  • Car & Riley: Charge!!
  • Waluigi: Die, Peach, DIE!!!!!!!
  • Peach: (bullet shoot him) NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  • Todd: Retreat!!!!
  • Dick, Car, Princess Daisy, Waluigi, Riley, Scorpius and Todd: HOORAY! WE"VE DEFEATED PEACH!!!!!
  • Santa Claus: Look, sinior Peach fell down in pit and the ball hit him!
  • Nar rator: Santa Claus can to see everyone. He was pleased for defeating Peach
  • Santa Claus: I am very pleased with your battle. You defeated Peach. What's wrong, Peach?
  • Peach: They hit me with a ball and they defeated me!
  • Santa Claus: As punishment, I'm putting you in jail for five months.
  • Peach: NOOOO!!!! NOT FIVE MONTHS!!!!!
  • Dick & Todd: Yes! Five months! Me, Todd and everyone else will play with your stuff! After five months, your custody trail! After after back to jail with you!
  • Narrator: Then, Dick, Riley, Todd, Agent K, Scorpius, Car, Mario, Princess Daisy and Waluigi watched that 1994 Sesame Street 25th Anniversary Edition tape and played with that 1993 Percy train.
  • Mario and Waluigi: Wow! That was fun!
  • Kaith: agent agent Agent! agent.
  • Peach: It's not fair!
  • Narrator: Poor Peach was sad for the rest of his life, he was missing all the fun. Don't you?

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