Princess Peach and the Breakdown Crane (Princess Peach Saves The Day) is the third episode of Princess Peach and Friends.


  • Princess Peach (from Mario) As Thomas
  • Candace Flynn (from Phineas & Ferb) As James
  • Lady Hatt (from Thomas & Friends) As Sir Topham Hatt
  • The Ants (from Ant Shows) As The Troublesome Trucks
  • Phineas & Ferb (from Phineas & Ferb) As Annie & Clarabelle
  • The Creators As Thomas & James's Crew
  • Jasmine (from Aladdin) As Gordon
  • Dora (from Dora the Explorer) As Edward (no lines)
  • Laa Laa (from Teletubbies) As Henry (no lines)
  • Ringo Starr As The Narrator


  • Narrator: Every day, Lady Hatt came into the station to see the females.
  • Lady Hatt: Don't be important, Princess Peach.
  • Narrator: He said.
  • Lady Hatt: Remember, you always have to keep out of the way, so you won't get hurt. Don't let the silly ants tease you! (Princess Peach walks away)
  • Narrator: There were lots of ants, and his creator saw a strange thing. There was a trailer, and also he called a crane.
  • Peach's Creator: That's the breakdown crane.
  • Narrator: She told Peach.
  • Peach's Creator: The crane is lifting heavy things, like females, elephants, and ants.
  • Narrator: (Peach walks to the yard) One day, Peach was in the yard. Suddenly, he heard a girl coming over.
  • Candace: Help! Help!
  • Narrator: A girl was coming with some ants. The girl was Candace, and she was in a bucket.
  • Candace: They're pushing me! They're pushing me!
  • Ants: On on on!
  • Narrator: Laughed the ants. Still screaming,
  • Candace: Help! Help!
  • Narrator: Bucket Candace disappeared.
  • Princess Peach: I'd like to tease some ants a lesson.
  • Narrator: Said Princess Peach. The alarm ringed.
  • Traffic guard: Candace is off the road, the breakdown crane, please!
  • Narrator: Peach was hooked on, and off they went. (Princess Peach hooked up to the breakdown crane)

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