This is the intro to Princess Peach and Friends, and to the episode Princess Peach Gets Tricked.


  • Princess Peach (Mario) as Thomas
  • Jasmine (Aladdin) as Gordon
  • Princess Peach's Creator as Thomas's Crew
  • Various Passengers as Themselves
  • Wagons as Coaches
  • Ringo Starr as the Narrator


  • When you visit the computer menu, click on the Princess Peach and Friends logo. Then you click "OK" to start the movie. When the title screen appears, click the "Play All" button to watch all the stories, the "All Stories" button to watch a story, or the "Game Area" button to play a game. Have fun!


  • (The Princess Peach and Friends theme plays as the letters say "Princess Peach & Friends", "Created by Jimmyandfriends", "Based on the Mario/Thomas parody series", and "With All 100 Scenes in the Story Flim")
  • Narrator: The Wuhu Island is surronded by beautiful blue sea. It has a volcano, called the Maka Wuhu, and a village called Wuhu Village. There is a ship, named the Queen Peach, where all Miis can arrive to the island. There is a basketball court, and an iron bridge where they can cross. The Island has some roads. Who's that walking down the road?
  • Princess Peach: (welcomes everyone as he walks out the other side as Jasmine and Candace walk past each other near her as Olaf flies with his snow cloud)
  • Narrator: It's Princess Peach! (Peach walks along) Welcome, Peach! (Peach welcomes again)
  • Peach: Hi, everyone! Welcome to my hometown of the Mushroom Kingdom! (Peach says to everyone as Yakko walks pass, as Frankie welcomes everyone, and Dora, with her backpack, carrying her stuff to school, Tillie, with her freight train, with one of her coaches, and Gumball, with his books, race to the bridge, while the title says 'Princess Peach and Friends: The Series')
  • Narrator: Princess Peach, is a princess, who lives at a castle on Wuhu Island. She's a cheeky little princess with a pink dress, two blue eyes, and blonde hair. She's a fussy little princess too, always pulling wagons about, ready for the big females to take on long journeys. And when wagons come in, she pulls the empty wagons away so that the big characters could go and rest. Peach thinks no princess works hard as she does. She loves playing tricks on then, inculding Jasmine, the biggest and proudest princess of all. Peach likes talking rudley at him.

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