Center school (266 dpi)

The Princeton Center School was built in 1906 and served until 1991 when the Thomas Prince School was expanded. The students who learned in this lovely building during eight decades hold special memories of a funky layout and a special time in their youth. In May 2009, "Princeton Center Day" will provide the opportunity for alumni to gather and share those memories. To get the ball rolling, this wiki page is a gathering place for STORIES!!

The email below from Jerry Bottcher to Edie Morgan (Princeton Center Day committee chair) should spark some memories that others can add to:

"Plenty of 'Huck and Tom' stories to tell and I will forward some to you as time permits..."Frogging" on Schoolhouse Pond, the "shortcut to the school each morning, skiing the Pine Tree Trail without lift assistance, selling apples opposite the General Store for (?) Mason at $1/bushel. (we got .25 ea). A pint of hickory nuts for .25 along the Mt. Road. $1.50 was big bucks for a 10-yr old. Newspaper drives for the Cub Scouts using Fred Hawkin's garage. Literally tons. Watching Patience Fay with her horse drawn wagon going up the Mt. Rd in front of our house. She'd say "Halo" instead of Hello. (?) Got a ride once or twice. Throwing acorns from the cliffs in front of the Manor at cars w/"Danny". If we saw brake lights we'd run through the woods as fast as we could, ending up down at the end of Prospect Street for some reason. Fearing Mr. Chase more than any person on the planet. Little League w/Joe O'Connor as manager. My first home run. Sledding in the middle of the Mt. Rd down to the base of Gregory Hill Rd. No sand. Metal runners on the sleds. Sparks on occasion. So much tennis! Clay courts and plastic tapes"

So, scratch those noggin's and add your stories! See you at the Center School in May (see: for the details).

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