The vision is that the FIC Art of Community Event will use print advertising in limited ways, mostly using free or low-cost alternative publications, which are thought to appeal directly to the most likely conference participants:

Communities magazine

Communities Magazine: Spring Issue

The camera-ready ad is due by Feb 6, the file is being built by Craig Ragland using Word. Below is the image and copy for the first version of the advertisement.

Ad Image


Image scanned from Fall 2004 Art of Community advertisement in Communities magazine, issue #124, p71

Basic Info

Fellowship for Intentional Community Presents Art of Community Northwest Building Sustainable Community An exciting weekend of networking, learning, & fun! Friday, Sept. 8 to Sunday, Sept. 10, 2006 Greater Seattle Area (venue to be announced)

Co-Sponsor: Northwest Intentional Community Association


  • Meet people from existing & forming NW Communities
    • Ecovillages, Cohousing, Egalitarian, Coops, and more!
  • Building Community Where You Are
    • Grow Community at Home, at Work, at Church, etc.
  • Learn about Facilitation and Consensus
  • Become a more Sustainable Person or Community
    • Go Local, Get Green!, Ethical Consumption; Reduce your Ecological Footprint, Bio-Diesel, Permaculture


  • Diana Leafe Christian, editor and book author
    • Communities magazine; Creating a Life Together
  • Laird Schaub, Executive Secretary
    • Fellowship for Intentional Community
  • Geoph Kozeny, the Peripatetic Communitarian
    • Communities columnist; Visions of Utopia producer
  • And many more…


For up-to-the minute details or registration information, visit Art of Community on the FIC website

Communities magazine: Summer Issue

Other Potential Advertising Publications

Note: drawn from Core Team meeting:

Local = Seattle Weekly, Times, PI, Eat the State, Conscious Choice

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