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How to print a Dawson’s Report:

  • Start the Kermit software
  • Username: talis
  • Type in the password.
  • Type: cd∆/usr/opt/blcmp/data/impdir/report then press enter
  • Type: ls∆–l|pg
  • A list of work reports appears. These are called ite_wrk_upd
  • Look for that day’s file (look for Saturday’s date on a Monday). A report named pg∆ite_wrk_upd_rep.12Oct0445 was created on the 12th of October at 4.45am.
  • To look at the report type: pg∆name of report then press enter, e.g. pg∆ite_pg∆ite_wrk_upd_rep.12Oct0445
  • The report appears. Scroll down the page until you get to the end and a blinking cursor.
  • To print to the printer beside acquisitions type: lp∆-dLibACQ1∆name of file
  • Type: ctrl C to get out of commands

Reviewed & revised: 15/10/07 CDB

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