Prison door Prison Library Project B

Reference Collection Recommendations (with emphasis on New Jersey resources)

RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY School of Communication, Information and Library Studies Department of Library and Information Studies By Ben Burton, Barb Hauck-Mah, Scott Jobson, Linda Tripp

Overview This wiki provides an annotated bibliography of recommended print and CD-ROM resources for a prison library reference collection. Specific recommendations are made for female correctional facilities as well as New Jersey prisons. Although internet access is prohibited to prisoners, online legal and collection development sources are included for prison librarians' consideration.

( Library Reference Collection Report (.doc) ) ( Prison Library Reference Collection Budget (.xls) ) (Prison Library Presentation.pdf)

Our wiki address is: http://scratchpad.wikia/com/wiki/Prison_libraries Hosted by Graduate Students in Library & Information Studies Rutgers. University, New Brunswick, NJ Email address: Last updated November 15,2006

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