I'm going to name you Huggy.

- Jerry

Problems in the Resting Home is an episode of the first season.


When no carts come, Jerry goes to the Resting Home to see what's

happening and finds out that Earl, Walden, and Robin are not moving and will not

push carts. Jerry leaves to go to Well to enlist Daizy as a station pilot in hope

that this will put everything to an end. After Daizy does pushing, the carts were

moving along. Next morning, Jerry goes to the yard to see how Daizy

is doing. He is very upset when he sees Earl come and dump dust on Daizy.

Daizy explains to Jerry that Earl, Walden, and Robin have been hurting her feelings.

Jerry soon decides that he must get a new helper to come and fix everything. So he goes to a workshop, and picks a nice blue fixer, which he calls Huggy. Jerry calls upon Daizy to show Huggy around and

the two get to work. Daizy is very happy with Huggy's hard work and dumping dust- she used to do

it in the workshop so as to get attention. Jerry then calls upon Widget, Huggy, and Daizy to the yard

to tell them something. He says that he has closed-up Walden, Robin, and Earl in the Resting Home

until they learn some manners, and in their absence, Widget, Huggy, and Daizy will do it all.

Daizy and Widget worked the main, while Huggy did the branch. There were fewer carts, but everyone knew that Earl, Robin, and Walden were learning to behave and Widget, Huggy, and Daizy were on the job.



Huggy (debut)



Robin (does not speak)

Walden (does not speak)

Mr. Toolbelt (does not speak)



Resting Home



The Workshop


As soon as Earl dumps dust on he is going past Daizy, but when he pauses he's

going past Daizy once more.

In a picture of Jerry talking to Daizy at the Resting Home, he has small holes under

his chin.

In the shot of Daizy being dumped by Earl, Jerry is not on the platform.

In the UK version of the episode, it is said that Earl, Robin, and Walden hurt Daizy's feelings

by saying she had purple feet. This is more insulting to Walden than Daizy.

When Daizy and Huggy are working, Daizy's carts push the wheels out of place.

When Daizy says, I can't do that! her hair is missing, she has Widget's mouth noise, and

Walden, Earl, and Robin are missing from the scene.

In one scene, Mr. Toolbelt is on the wrong side.

Widget's last wagon is backward when she and Daizy pass each other.


US title card Daizy and Huggy Earl, Widget, Huggy, Robin, Walden, and Daizy

Huggy Huggy and Widget

The works Huggy, Robin, and Daizy

Jerry and his car Earl Daizy hairless Daizy and Huggy

Jerry comes Robin

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