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So how many times are you at the grocery store and you wish they had something you're craving but they don't...

Or, you wish somebody had invented a product, but you can't find anything like it...

Maybe I'm weird, but I do care about food. And any human being ends up spending vast amounts of time and cash, pretty much every few days, at the grocery store. It's something I both love and hate- having to go to the grocery store. Sometimes though, I really wish somebody had thought of something I have, and put it on the shelves...

I don't know what I'm going to do with this collection. (I have whole other categories of "Products I Wish Were Invented" forthcoming.) My vision is to collect these things and then sell them to a food manufacturer or grocery store or something. They'd make a ton of money. Who knows? But other people definitely want some of this stuff.

So if you happen to find yourself thinking "Damn I wish they had..." at the grocery store, please then think of my wiki and maybe we'll change the world, starting with cinnamon buns... Hell yeah...

My Grocery Store WishList:

  • Healthy cinnamon buns ready to bake in the freezer section
  • Cheap, pint-size skim, one, or two percent milks
  • more healthy baking/cake mixes: higher fiber, higher protein, lower sugar, easy health add-ins like frozen fruit
  • decent-tasting cookies with higher fiber, higher protein, lower sugar

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