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Los Angeles CA: 1917: (Ballpark, att. 10,000) ... Sinners (captained by Douglas Fairbanks) 1, Saints (captained by Billy Sunday) 0 (6) ... In a benefit game to buy baseball equipment for the soldiers and sailors of the war effort, evangelist Billy Sunday organized one team and Fairbanks corraled people like wrestler Ed (Strangler) Lewis, Art Shafer of the New York Giants, Charley Chech and Pete Lapan (a regular Coast League battery), and Louis Cass, ex Stanford star ... Future Hall of Famer Frank Chance was one fo the umpires, along with the Rev. J. Whitcomb Brougher ... Pete Lapan's inside the park homer provided the only run of the day ... Ed Lewis played first base, made two put outs and went 0 for 1 in his only plate appearance ... Chech struck out ten while hurling a four-hit shutout

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