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Sheboygan WI: April 11, 1924: (Eagles Hall, att. 600) ... (Woman vs Man) Babe LaTour (of Neenah WI) beat Pete Miller (of Milwaukee) (2-0) ... Henry Stoeff beat Elmer Joy (2-0) ... NOTE: LaTour won the falls in 20 and 6 minutes, respectively, using a head scissors and arm hold for the first and a body scissors and half-Nelson for the second ... Joy, who operates a bus line between Neenah and Appleton WI, and also is husband of Babe LaTour, outweighed Stoeff, 195 to 170 ... Stoeff entertained afterward with a series of strong man stunts: forming a bridge between two chairs, he permitted a heavy stone to be placed on his chest, and a man accustomed to using a sledge hammer was called to the stage to break it. One heavy, well directed blow smashed the rock in two ... Stoeff then took one of the ropes that had been used in the ring, tied it about his neck, and permitted five men to pull on each end, using their best efforts to choke him ... He expanded the muscles in his neck, however, to thwart their ambitions, even as he spoke to them --and the spectators!

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