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WRESTLING PROMOTER INVADES TORONTO (The Globe, Toronto ON, April 26, 1929): Wrestling trusts, alleged and otherwise, mean nothing in the life of Ivan Michailoff, former Olympic Games champion, who has turned promoter. Mr. Mickailoff has made arrangements with the Arena Gardens management to hold bouts here every Saturday night, and he plans to bring such stalwarts as Paul Berlenbach, Stanislaus Zbyszko, "Strangler" Lewis and Gus Sonnenberg to Toronto. Wrestling has never been a popular sport in the Queen City, and it would be well for those behind the venture to remember that Toronto demands the best, and will not tolerate trusts or hippodroming stunts. Just at the present time Sonnenberg is supposed to be the greatest of them all. He uses unique methods in the ring, one of his favorite holds being gained after making a regular football flying tackle. In winning the title he threw Lewis right out of the ring at Boston, and Lewis declined to return. It might be mentioned, too, that Canada has a contender for the laurels in Henry Deglane, who claims nineteen consecutive victories. He weighs over 200 pounds, and is said to be a real menace to the best grapplers in the world.

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