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Boston MA: April 2, 1931: Ed Don George beat Nick Lutze

Elmira NY: April 2, 1931: Dick Shikat beat George Hill ... Gino Garibaldi beat Charles Manoogian

Asbury Park NJ: April 2, 1931: George Godfrey beat Demetru Ilnow

OPENING MAT SHOW TO BE STAGED TUESDAY (Lima OH News, Friday, April 3, 1931): Negotiations were completed Thursday by promoters of the Lima Business Men's Athletic Club to stage their opening wrestling show next Tuesday night at the new armory.

Announcement to this effect was made Friday morning by Cliff Binckley and Carl Miller who have arranged an all-heavy program for most fans as their starting attraction.

On the heels of announcement that those two slam-bang boys, Ray Carpenter and Bobby Chick, will appear in the headliner, comes the word that two other clever heavies, one the French light heavyweight champion, will come together in the semifinal.

Douglas Marcell, who claims the championship in his home land, will grapple Clyde Robinson, the St. Louis flash, in the added feature leading up to the principal attraction.

Marcell is a newcomer to Lima fans but according to the promoters he is anything but new at the game. He has beaten some of the best boys in his class, and surely he must have a bag full of tricks to have gone through a campaign which earned him the French title. Robinson has performed in a local ring once. He gave a good account of himself the night he went to a draw with Paul Adler, the Springfield boy.

The semifinal bout is scheduled for the half-hour route with a single fall deciding the winner.

Ray Carpenter, the former middleweight champion who will see action in the main go, needs no introduction to Lima fans. They know him as a battler of the John Kilonis type. And his opponent, Bobby Chick, also is said to use similar tactics which is sufficient to assure a headliner full of action and roughness.

The promoters said Friday that the Carpenter-Chick bout slated for Kenton next Wednesday has been called off since the two grapplers have been secured for the Lima match.

A fast preliminary is being lined up as an opener for the show which will start at 8:15 p.m.

Schenectady NY: April 3, 1931: Ed Don George beat Cowboy Jack Wagner

New York City NY: April 3, 1931: Jack Sherry beat Frank Judson ... Otto Huhfanen beat William Eberle ... George Calza beat Harry Mamos

Lima OH: April 7, 1931: (Tuesday) (Armory) ... Bobby Chick beat Ray Carpenter (2-1) ... Cupie Doll Chuck Higgins (sub for Doug Marcelle) drew Clyde Robinson ... Promoters: Cliff Binckley, Carl Miller ... NOTE: This card marked the resumption of professional wrestling in Lima.

Boston MA: April 10, 1911: Ray Steele beat George Hagen (31:00) ... Sergei Kalmikoff beat Dick Daviscourt ... Hans Steinke beat Rudy Dusek (dec)

Philadelphia PA: April 10, 1931: Dick Shikat beat Tiny Roebuck (47:43)

Boston MA: April 11, 1931: Leonard Macaluso, Colate's All-American fullback, is the latest grid man to enter the wrestling game. Macaluso, who was the high scorer in college football in 1931, plans to enter training for a professional wrestling career here next week.

Lima OH: April 17, 1931: (Friday) (Armory) ... Bobby Chick vs Nick Bozinas

Boston MA: April 23, 1931: Gus Sonnenberg beat Bibber McCoy

Yonkers NY: April 23, 1931: Sandor Szabo beat Carl Lemmle ... Sergei Kalmikoff beat Bill Nelson ... Gino Garibaldi beat Richard Stahl

Detroit MI: April 23, 1931: Jim Londos beat Stanislaus Zbyszko

Jersey City NJ: April 28, 1931: Paul Jones beat George Hagen ... Tom Draak drew Renato Gardini ... (Handicap) Sergei Kalmikoff beat Wladek Zbyszko (failed to throw)

Newark NJ: April 28, 1931: Herbie Freeman beat Jack Washburn ... Gino Garibaldi beat Taro Miyake ... Sandor Szabo beat John Podubny

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