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Van Nuys CA News: April 7, 1932: Vic Christy feature says he is 19, began wrestling professionally nine months ago "and has engaged in nearly 100 bouts without a single defeat"... To meet Dr. Karl Sarpolis at the Olympic April 13

Fort Worth TX: April 7, 1932: George Sauer (of San Antonio TX) beat Paul Orth (2-0) ... Stanley Rogers (of Austin TX) beat Paul Murdock (of El Paso TX) ... August Sepp beat Joe Boyt (of Chicago IL) (10:00) ... Billy Love (of Minneapolis MN) drew Walter Stratton (of Chicago IL) (30:00) ... NOTE: Sauer required 24 and 22 minutes, respectively, to twice wrap up Orth

St. Louis MO: April 9, 1932: "Under an ordinance recently passed, a tax of five per cent on the gross receipts of wrestling shows will be collected by the city of St. Louis. A commission of five will have jurisdiction over programs." -- Associated Press

Columbus OH: April 11, 1932: Al Haft, manager for John Pesek, says he has been offered $25,000 for the wrestler's three-year contract by Dayton promoter John Collins ... Haft said he would probably turn down the offer (Associated Press dispatch)

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