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Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL: April 1934: A promoter here tries to put together a boxing match between George Godfrey and Primo Carnera; the former is touring South America with a wrestling troupe headed by the Zbyszko brothers, Stanislaus and Wladek

Alexandria LA: April 4, 1934: Bruce Noland beat Johnny Plummer (dq) ... Referee: Jack Dempsey


(Associated Press, Thursday, April 5, 1934)

ALEXANDRIA, La. -- Jack Dempsey lost a ring battle here last night. Worse than that, he was forced into ignominious retreat from the scene of the contest. It all happened as the ex-heavyweight champion was refereeing a wrestling match and the 200-pound wife of one of the participants climbed into the roped square and took a hand in the proceedings. Dempsey lost his shirt and a good deal of hair before it was all over.

Mrs. Johnny Plummer, whose husband was tying up with Bruce Noland in the feature of a mat card, gave the fans the unexpected extra thrill when she challenged the former pugilistic king and won at least a temporary victory.

It all started when Dempsey warned Plummer that he would not allow any kicking of Noland when the latter was on the floor. One thing led to another and referee Dempsey closed the argument by delivering three quick uppercuts to the chin, which ended the evening's entertainment for Plummer.

But not for Mrs. Plummer. She was through the ropes from her ringside seat in a second and going after Dempsey's shirt and his hair before anybody could do anything about it. Dempsey retreated as far as the ropes would allow and stood there for a while, proving he could still take it without raising a hand in defense. When Mrs. Plummer really got organized, however, Dempsey slipped through the ropes and retreated into the crowd.

By that time, promoter Mike Mule was in the ring trying to make everyone listen to reason, but when Mrs. Plummer turned her attention to him, he quickly pinned her arms behind her and held them thus while Dempsey slipped back into the ring and raised Noland's arm in token of victory by default on a foul.

There was lots of excitement, but really very little damage to anyone.

New York NY: April 16, 1934: Herman Hickman beat Joe Rinaldi ... Axel Madsen beat Ed McNeil (of Boston MA) ... Maurice LaChappelle beat Hans Schneider (dec) ... Tony Morelli beat Jack Brown ... Max Martin drew Curley Donchin ... Ed Don George beat Jim McMillen ... Bert Rubi beat Babe Caddock ... Joe Savoldi beat Abe Coleman

Kansas City MO: April 16, 1934: Ray Steele beat Karl Davis ... Sol Slagel beat Lou Plummer ... Tex McDermott (of Los Angeles CA) beat Nanjo Singh ... Chief Chewacki (as Chief Chewchki) drew Pete Mehringer ... Johnny Atkins beat Sailor Olson... Earl Lacy (of Ness City KS) beat Babe Code (of Columbus OH)

Dallas TX: April 16, 1934: Juan Humberto beat Sam Leathers ... Paul Harper drew Whitey Hewitt ... Big Bad Wolf beat Murrell Hogue (of Washington DC) ... Joe DeVito beat Jim Heslyn

Phoenix AZ: April 16, 1934: Paul Jones beat Dick Daviscourt ... Jimmy Corrigan beat Myron Cox

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