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Fresno CA: April 5, 1939: (Ryan's Auditorium) ... Vincent Lopez vs Hardy Kruskamp ... Ali Baba vs Al Getz ... Pete Peterson vs George Richards (of Vermont) ... Gino Vagnone (as Gino Vaganoni) vs Bob Wagner ... Promoter: Don Price ... NOTE: Peterson said to be a Columbia University athlete

Reno NV: April 5, 1939: (Olympic Arena) ... Dean Detton beat Al Billings ... Ivan Managoff beat George Godfrey ... Frank Malcewicz beat Pierre Dusette

Los Angeles CA: April 8, 1939: In a story about Marshall High School track and field prospects, the Los Angeles Times singles out "Vic Holbrook, L.A.A.C. swimming ace, (as) the best shot-putter. Holbrook, a big, husky lad standing 6 feet 2 1/2 inches and weighing 200, heaves the 12-pound ball about 46ft. in practice. He may try his hand in the hurdles, too."

Hammond IN: April 10, 1939: (Civic Center, att. 2,800) ... Everett Marshall beat Young Joe Stecher (2-1) ... Mike Mazurki beat Bob Jessen (2-0) ... Referee: Bob Kovasy

Hammond IN: April 17, 1939: (Civic Center, att. 3,498) ... Mike Mazurki beat Chief Tom Marvin (2-1)... Henry Piers beat Young Joe Stecher (of Lincoln NE) (2-1) ... (plus boxing) ... Referee: Joe Norbeck ... NOTE: Mazurki was disqualified in the second fall of the main event

Hammond IN: April 24, 1939: (Civic Center) ... Mike Mazurki beat Joe Corbett ... Jim Morgan vs Johnny Plummer

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