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Appleton WI: August 4, 1924: (Wavery Beach) ... (Man vs Woman) Matty Matsuda beat Virginia Mercereau (2-0) ... Joe McVey beat Mike Stein (sub for Masked Marvel) ... Promoter: Elmer Johnston ... NOTE: Mercereau claims women's world championship, with Police Gazette offering $150 to anyone who can throw her in 15 minutes ... Matsuda succeeded in pinning her in 23:10 and 13:15

Sturgeon Bay WI: August 9, 1924: (att. 700) ... (Handicap) Frank Martin FTT Virginia Mercereau (15:00) ... NOTE: After collecting the $150 posted by the Police Gazette, Mercereau carried on for 31 minutes and 16 seconds, the time it took for Martin to throw her twice, using armlocks and toeholds

Waupaca WI: August 18, 1924: (Armory) ... Jimmy Demetral beat Virginia Mercereau (2-0)

Shullsburg WI: August 26, 1924: (att. 500) ... (Handicap) Joe Magee FTT Virginia Mercereau ... NOTE: Mercereau threw Magee, in eight minutes, and then lost falls in 22 and 8 minutes, respectively.

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