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CRACK MASHER GETS MASHED BY EXPERT FEMALE MASHER (Special to Van Wert OH Daily Bulletin, Monday, August 12, 1929): CHICAGO -- She was a blonde, with a smooth marcel, trim and dainty in her summer frock. To George Duffy, who had wasted half an hour watching the girls go by at Broadway and Grace street, she looked like the answer to a flirtatious fellow's prayer.

"Waiting for a street car, baby?" began George, who is twenty-eight years old and keeps bachelor quarters at 2610 Greenview Avenue. Most girls giggled when George called them baby, but this one seemed a trifle chilly. She said she was busy shopping and told George to run along.

"How about an auto ride with me?" he persisted. The answer came straight from the young woman's shoulder and her fist left a purplish welt under his right eye.

George tried to retreat, but was restrained. The girl's left arm encircled his neck. The embrace brought him to his knees and a blow between the shoulders flattened him.

A crowd gathered and several of the citizens thought they ought to remonstrate. George seemed to be in a bad way as the girl thumped his forehead on the pavement. A heavy-set man stepped forward to intervene.

"You'll get it, too, if you interfere," the girl threatened. The peacemaker, who was Police Sergeant James P. Walsh, showed his star and told her to get up. She obeyed and the sergeant picked up George.

"Oh, officer," she said, "I'm glad you got here. This man insulted me and I want you to arrest him."

The sergeant complied and George was locked up at the Town Hall station for disorderly conduct on complaint of Miss Virginia Mercereau, twenty-eight years old, 211 East Delaware Place.

"What occupation, Miss Mercereau?" the sergeant inquired. George, who had stanched his bleeding nose, echoed the question.

"Fellow," said Miss Mercereau, turning to her late antagonist, "I'm the champion female wrestler of the world. Look up Virginia Mercereau's record."

"I wish I had," George groaned as she walked out.

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