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Chicago IL: December 5, 1922: (Johnny Meyers writes letter to sports editor, Sheboygan Press-Telegram) "Dear Sir: I've repeatedly heard of the remarks Henry Stoeff has made about his ability to beat me wrestling. If he's a legitimate middleweight and will place a $1,000 side bet to wrestle me, I'll be at his service within a week's time. Beating me in the newspaper columns and winning from me are two different things. Yours sincerely, JOHNNY MEYERS, Middleweight Wrestling Champion"

Sheboygan WI: December 7, 1922: (Eagles Hall) ... Henry Stoeff beat Cyclone Smith (2-0) ... NOTE: Smith resided in Denver until moving to Indianapolis two years ago ... He was sent here by Chicago promoter Joe Coffey, for whom he has worked the past three weeks

Sheboygan WI: December 19, 1922: (Eagles Hall) ... Johnny Meyers vs Henry Stoeff

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