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Sheboygan WI: February 9, 1922: (Eagles Hall) ... Henry Stoeff beat Wilmas Schmidt (of Racine WI) (8:10, cnc) ... Referee: Al Hotz ... Promoter: William Hitzler NOTE: Stoeff weighed 169 after training in Appleton WI for the bout; Schmidt is at 175, with manager Reifenberger in tow ... Schmidt forfeited after Stoeff dropped him to the floor "rather heavily and snapped one of the smaller bones in Schmidt's shoulder"

Oshkosh WI: February 15, 1922: (Armory) ... Henry Stoeff vs Carl Van Wurden

Galena IL: February 22, 1922: Henry Stoeff booked versus a Chicago grappler

Ironwood MI: February 21, 1922: (Palace Hall) ... Henry Karhunsaari beat Jimmy Demetral ... NOTE: Karhunsaari billed from Virginia MN

Sheboygan WI: February 21, 1922: (Eagles Hall) ... Henry Stoeff vs Sailor Marsh (of Freeport IL)

Clinton IA: February 21, 1922: Kid Hurley beat Jack Finn (2-1) ... NOTE: Hurley is said to have won the featherweight wrestling championship of the world from Finn ... First fall to Finn in 12 minutes with a hammerlock and scissors ... Hurley won the next in 10 minutes with a double armlock and the third in 14 minutes with a head and arm lock.

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