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Columbus OH: February 24, 1925 It is reported that Ohio State University graduate Harry Steel, "Olympic champion, who once spurned a pro career for life on the farm at dear old East Sparta OH," has changed his mind and said to have turned professional... There are those in the business who foresee a title challenge to another collegian-turned-pro-turned world champion, Wayne (Big) Munn ... A three-year tackle on the football eleven while at Ohio State, Steel stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 210 pounds and was an alternate on the 1924 Olympic Games wrestling squad, then claimed to have won four bouts and "the championship" over Nillson of Sweden ... Later, in 1928, it is revealed that Steel was bidding for a spot on the 1928 U.S. Olympic Games squad ... "I'd rather stay here and work on the farm and be near Ma," Steel reportedly told pro mat promoters ... Al Haft was said to be wrestling coach at Ohio State when Steel came out for the team in January, 1923 ... Jim McMillen of Illinois beat him that season, but Steel was said to have reversed that decision the next season

Chicago IL: February 26, 1925 Lou Talaber beat Heine Engel (1-1, cnc) ... NOTE: Talaber defended a version of the middleweight title when he employed Frank Gotch's pet crotch and half-Nelson hold to slam Engel to the mat with such force he was unable to continue.

Mexia TX: February 26, 1925 (Elks Club) ... Henry Stoeff drew Harry Demetral (of Waco TX)

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