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WRESTLER JAILED FOR ATTACK ON REFEREE (Associated Press, Thursday, February 25, 1932): BOSTON -- Jack Washburn, Los Angeles wrestler, was held in $10,000 bail today on charges of assault and battery on referee Bert Potts of Philadelphia, whom he tossed out of the Boston Garden ring during a bout last night. Washburn's arrest was made on complaint of Dick Dunn, general manager of the Boston Garden.

Potts, who was tossed out of the ring during a bout between Washburn and Jack Smith of Chicago, was taken to the Haymarket Relief Hospital suffering from a fractured skull. His condition was critical.

Washburn and Smith were grappling in a semifinal contest. Each had thrown the other and their 45-minute limit was almost up when Washburn made his alleged attack on the official who, he claimed, had refused to call the deciding fall against his opponent.

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