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Chillicothe MO: February 1, 1933: George Krionderis vs ??? Delich ... (Handicap) Billy Wolfe vs Jack Doyle (of Pittsburg KS) & Beryl Brumfield (of Joplin MO) ... Bones Lionberger vs Sandor Urich ... Promoter: Gust Karras ... NOTE: Wolfe proposed to pin both Doyle and Brumfield inside 45 minutes

York PA: February 6, 1933: Stanley Pinto beat Hans Schroeder (36:40)

Camden NJ: February 6, 1933: Joe Stecher drew Fred Grubmeier

Chillicothe MO: February 15, 1933: (City Hall) ... Frenchy LaRue vs Jack Hader ... Benny Steele vs Jack Washburn ... NOTE: Benny Steele claims 65 matches as a pro, with 62 of them victories and three drawn ... Washburn, here previously, defeated Sailor Jack Lewis and Wild Red Berry ... This is not the heavyweight-heel Washburn, however

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