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Chillicothe MO: February 1, 1934: (City Hall) ... Jack Vincent vs Bruce Noland (as Bruce Nolen) ... Frenchy LaRue vs Alf Johnson ... Bones Lionberger vs Nick Hassan ... (plus boxing)... NOTE: LaRue will sometimes be referred to as the "squat French-Canadian"

Vancouver BC: February 8, 1934: Bunny Martin beat Jack McLaughlin (2-1) ... Marv Westenberg beat Joe Kogut

Kansas City MO: February 19, 1934: Darna Ostopavich beat Sailor Jack Lewis ... Pete Mehringer beat Johnny Atkins ... Danny McShain beat Jack Knoche ... Sammy Kaulan beat Miguel Gonzales ... Pat Mamoney (of Philadelphia PA) beat Joe Cisku (of Salt Lake City UT) ... Ton Sandido (of Newark NJ) beat George Mellott (of Bethel KS)... NOTE: By August 1942 there was a Johnny Atkins matchmaking for boxing (and wrestling?) in Denver CO

Dallas TX: February 19, 1934: Billy Edwards beat Hans Schultz ... Juan Humberto beat Al Sparks ... Sam Leathers beat Ed Wirth ... Cliff Thiede beat Dick ?itho (of Syracuse NY)

Bremerton WA: February 20, 1934: (Arena) ... George Sauer vs Chief Little Wolf ... Dude Chick vs Gene O'Connor ... Mike Caddock vs Bandy Stinay ... Promoter: Howard Niles

Pittsburgh PA Courier: February 24, 1934: Godfrey has joined a "troupe of trained seals, pardon, I mean wrestlers." -Rollo Wilson on Godfrey gone to South America with mat tour

Bremerton WA: February 27, 1934: (Arena) ... Red Lyons beat Chief Little Wolf ... Dude Chick drew Ken Hollis ... Sailor Jack beat Sparky Walker

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