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Menasha WI: February 3, 1937: (S.A. Cook Armory) ... Rowdy Pocan beat Duke Ruppenthal (2-1, dq) ... Referee: Earl Otto ... George Hackenschmidt beat Louis Kodrick ... Jack Wilcox beat Johnny Edwards (of Fargo ND) (cor) ... Promoter: Art Gutzman... NOTE: Show was a benefit for flood victims of the Ohio River valley

Los Angeles CA: February 3, 1937: (Olympic) ... Vincent Lopez w/Ed (Strangler) Lewis vs Al Bisignano ... Man Mountain Dean vs Ben Morgan ... NOTE: "Lewis has dismissed Lopez' regular sparring mates to work with the Mexican giant himself. The tip is out that Big Ed, who again manages Lopez, is taking no chances of having his charge slip up ... " -- Los Angeles Times, Feb. 1, 1937

Chicago IL: February 4, 1937: (Coliseum) ... (World Title) Everett Marshall* vs Oki Shikina ... NOTE: "The champion, well tanned from his recent three weeks' sojourn in Florida, worked out with Danny Winters and several other partners ... Billy Sandow, former managed of Ed (Strangler) Lewis, watched the workout. Sandow, who is directing Marshall's campaign, has been assured by chairman Joe Triner of the Illinois athletic commission that Everett will not lose his title in the event Shikina uses forbidden holds, such as those practised in jiu jitsu." -- Chicago Tribune, Feb. 3, 1937

Fitchburg MA: February 8, 1937: (City Hall) ... Bibber McCoy vs Leo Hyatt ... Wally Dusek vs Richard Stahl... Andy Brown vs Tom Kaivola ... Tiger Jack Young vs Frank Eident ... Promoter: Oscar Maki

Menasha WI: February 17, 1937: (S.A. Cook Armory) ... Billy Goelz (as Stanley Pesek) vs George Hackenschmidt ... Speedy Frank Douglas vs Dick Gerber ... Earl Otto vs Rowdy Pocan ... NOTE: Pesek/Goelz recently crowned state middleweight champion "by the Strahota-Tolle combination at Milwaukee"

Chicago IL: February 27, 1937: Ed (Strangler) Lewis reached the final round of a recent contract bridge tournament, reports Chicago Tribune "Talking It Over" sports columnist Arch Ward.

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