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Cedar Rapids IA Republican & Times: January 12, 1922: A story details an all-night meeting of wrestling promoters in Mason City, at which it was hoped that a tournament could be launched to determine a true middleweight champion ... "At the present time there are no less than twenty wrestlers in the middleweight class who are claiming the championship and all of them with more or less merit to their claims." ... The following wrestlers were invited to participate in a series of tournaments: Charles Rentrop, Ralph Parcaut, Paul Prehn, George Thompson, Joe Carr, Victor Brown, Bobby Bylund, Lou Talaber, Johnny Meyers, Joe Turner, Henri Karhunsaari, Pete Katanski, Ted Thye, Ira Dern, Walter Miller, Chris Jordan, Waino Ketonen, Ben Reuben, August Sepp, Charles Miller, Alex Bean, Jack Hagenzlek, Heinie Engel, Ben Staranski, Walter O'Connor, Frank ???, Ralph Ferris, Lawrence Curtis, Pink Gardner and others, including Clete Kauffman and Hugh Nichols ... The new middleweight limit will be 160 pounds at 5 o'clock on the afternoon of a match ... The limit of all matches will be twelve (12) 10-minute rounds, with a two-minute rest between rounds ... If there is no fall in nine rounds of wrestling, then one fall after that will decide the match ... If there is no fall within the twelve rounds, then the referee must give a decision, as there must be a winner and a loser in each match ... It is planned to allocate the matches between Mason City, Oskaloosa, Cedar Rapids, Spencer, Dubuque, Minneapolis, and Omaha

Sheboygan WI: January 26, 1922: (Eagles Hall) ... Henry Stoeff vs Frank J. Martin ... Matt Klujeske vs Bull Schmidt ... Battling Thompson vs Young Hackenschmidt ... NOTE: Martin is billed as the "Sturgeon Bay Bearcat," weighing 168

Galena IL: January 31, 1922: Henry Stoeff vs Charles Johnson (of Springfield IL) ... NOTE: Johnson outweighs Stoeff, 183 to 167

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