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Madison WI: January 1, 1924: Jimmy Demetral beat Henry Stoeff

Sheboygan WI Press-Telegram: January 9, 1924: Henry Stoeff has gone back to Fort Wayne IN, where he is at present making his headquarters. He says he does not plan on return to Sheboygan this winter. While away from here, he threw George Smith (of Newcastle PA) at Farrell PA, best two falls of three, and struggled two hours to a draw with Leo Sanders at Grove City PA. In yet another Pennsylvania bout, he won straight falls from Jerry Turner at Sharon PA. He claims to have three upcoming Fort Wayne main events, plus another booking at Indianapolis.

Sheboygan WI: January 12, 1924: H.W. Timmer, county clerk, announces he has decided to take over the wrestling promotion business and that he has written Henry Stoeff at Fort Wayne, asking him to return to Wisconsin.

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