Professional Wrestling January 1931

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Holyoke MA: January 1, 1931: (Valley Arena, att. 2,100) ... (World Title) Ed Don George* beat Gene Ledoux (2-0) ... Stanley Stasiak beat Frank Yusko ... Pinky Gardner beat Ted Germaine (as Theo Germaine) ... Norman (Scotty) Ritchie drew Chick Rae

Holyoke MA: January 16, 1931: (Valley Arena, att. 1,900) ... Everett Marshall beat Cowboy Jack Wagner (2-0) ... Frank Judson drew George Zarynoff ... Jack Ganson beat Fred Carone ... Young Ross drew Demosthenes George

Holyoke MA: January 30, 1931: (Valley Arena, att. 3,100) ... George Zarynoff drew Gene Ledoux (90:00, 1-1) ... Jack Sherry drew Cowboy Jack Wagner ... Joe (Bull) Komar beat Sailor Arnold ... Douglas Marshal beat Chick Rae

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