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Worcester MA: January 19, 1932: Gus Sonnenberg beat Marv Westenberg (23:00, cnc) ... Lennart Anderson (of Seattle WA) beat Pat Reilly (28:35) ... George Zarynoff drew Charlie Hanson ... John (Casey) Kazanjian beat Eddie Elzear (of Texas) (12:07)

New York NY: January 19, 1932: Sammy Stein beat Sailor Jack Lewis (of New Mexico) (23:16) ... Dr. Ralph Wilson beat Taro Myaki ... Jim McMillen beat Nazarino Poggi (23:07) ... George Calza beat Joe Cox ... Kola Kwariani beat Gene Bruce

Baltimore MD: January 19, 1932: Ray Steele beat Dick Daviscourt (40:00) ... George Kotsonaros beat Joe Shimkus (cnc) ... Fred Grubmeier beat Scotty MacDougal (dq) ... Cy Williams drew Mike Romano ... Oki Shikina beat Benny Ginsberg (12:30)

Chillicothe MO: January 19, 1932: (Thursday) (City Hall) ... Billy Wolfe vs Masked Marvel

Chicago IL: January 19, 1932: Rudy Dusek beat George Zaharias (2-0) ... Milo Steinborn beat Frank Bronowicz (dec) ... Earl McCready beat Floyd Marshall ... Gino Garibaldi beat Hans Bauer ... Jack Smith beat Paul Harper (dec)

Cleveland OH: January 27, 1932: Jim Londos beat Gino Garibaldi

Charlotte NC: January 27, 1932: Joe Savoldi beat Hardy Kruskamp (2-1) ... Les Grimes beat Clyde Robinson

Beaumont TX: January 27, 1932: Henry Stoeff billed ... prompts a note in the Port Arthur News that, a number of years ago, there was a wrestler, well known in Port Arthur, whose ring name was Ivan Kosloff. He was supposed to have been a Russian but we are informed that he was a Wisconsin boy and that his real name was Henry Stoeff.

San Antonio TX: January 27, 1932: Ernie (Wildcat) Stephens (of Harlingen TX) beat Gilberto Larrea (2-1) ... Cyclone Mackey beat Joe Manning ... Charlie Heard drew Sammy George? (of New Orleans) ... Speedy Franks beat Lester Page

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