Professional Wrestling January 1935

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Chicago IL: January 2, 1935: (Marigold Gardens) ... Clarence Smith vs Al Williams ... Buck O'Neil vs Rudy Kay ... Ralph Garibaldi vs Stanley West ... Zack Malkov vs George Schwab ... Promoter: Fred Kohler ... NOTE: Chicago Tribune notes that Kohler promoted a show at Marigold on 52 consecutive Wednesdays in 1934

Chicago IL: January 11, 1935: (Midway Arena) ... Zack Malkov, Clarence Smith, Al Williams, Ralph Garibaldi, Buck O'Neil and Al Waznika have been signed by Johnny Coulon for his first mat card at the Arena, located at 6115 Cottage Grove Avenue.

Chicago IL: January 16, 1935: (Marigold) ... Jack (Bad Boy) Brown vs Al Williams ... Mike London vs Buck O'Neil (of Fresno CA)

Chicago IL: January 18, 1935: (Midway Arena) ... Jack Brown vs Enrico Marchi ... Zack Malkov vs Ralph Garibaldi ... Buck O'Neil vs Rudy Kay ... Stanley West vs George Jonasen

Chicago IL: January 25, 1935: (Midway Arena) ... Eddie Flynn (of Birmingham AL) beat Dr. Jack Kinney (of Toledo OH) (27:00) ... Buck O'Neil beat Shorty Pischer ... Stanley West beat George Schwab ... Lou Talaber beat Al Williams

Chicago IL: January 30, 1935: (Marigold) ... Zack Malkov beat George Dusette (47:05, cnc) ... Buck O'Neil drew Al Williams ... Ralph Garibaldi drew Stanley West (30:00) ... Ed Flynn beat Alex McKinzie ... George Schwab beat Dr. Jack Kinney

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