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Los Angeles CA: January 12, 1938

Big George Godfrey, his 307 pounds nattily disguised in a pin-stripe suit, grinned today at a report he had been found critically ill last week in a Long Beach NY hospital.

"That Godfrey back East must be two oether gen'mun, not me," said the Negro pugilist.

"They've had me dead, blind, and all washed up, but it ain't none of it true.

"I never felt better in my life. I feel like I can go fifteen rounds right now with that Joe Louis fellow. No, I haven't got any fights lined up right now but I'm in training, just the same."

The Eastern report stated Godfrey's age variously as fifty-six and thirty-eight.

"That's silly," said the former Black Shadow of Leiperville. "I'm thirty-four. And I haven't got a gray hair in my head."

He took off his hat. His blad pate glistened.

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