Professional Wrestling January 1939

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San Francisco CA: January 17, 1939: (Dreamland) … Jim Londos beat Sandor Szabo (cnc) … George Godfrey beat Art Shires … Ivan Rasputin beat Chief Thunderbird … Al Billings beat Ted Key … Pat O'Shocker beat Stan Mayslack … Pierre Dusette beat Benny Ginsberg … NOTE: Londos was claiming the world title.

Junction City WI: January 18, 1939: (Midtown Hall) ... (Mud Match) Tubby Rheinhard beat Milt Olsen ... Referee: Mike Heitzinger ... George Hackenschmidt beat Joe Bauer (2-1, dq)... Tarzan Krause beat Louis Kodrick (of Peshtigo WI)

San Francisco CA: January 24, 1939: (Dreamland) … Ivan Rasputin beat Pat O'Shocker … George Godfrey beat Al Billings … Otto Kuss beat Fred Meyers … Lou Plummer beat Pierre Dusette … Rudy LaDitzi beat Jack Manuel … Benny Ginsberg drew Glenn DuBose

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