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New York NY: June 3, 1931: Ray Steele beat Taro Miyake (18:35) ... Hans Steinke drew Renato Gardini

Montreal QC: June 8, 1931: Nick Lutze beat Stanley Stasiak (2-1)

Cincinnati OH: June 8, 1931: Jack Reynolds beat Johnny Carlin (2-0) ... NOTE: Carlin was listed at 147 pounds; Reynolds at 145 1/4, and the latter's welterweight title likely was at stake

Baltimore MD: June 9, 1931: Kola Kwariani beat Gino Garibaldi (31:00) ... Ray Steele beat Leo Hyatt... Edward (sic) Oakley (of England) beat George Hill ... Casey Berger drew Jim Heslyn

Pittsburgh PA: June 9, 1931: Tiny Roebuck beat Vanka Zelesniak (19:30) ... Karl Pojello beat Abe Kashey

Chattanooga TN: June 9, 1931: (World Title) Jim Londos* beat John Katan (48:00)

St. Louis MO: June 10, 1931: Karl Pojello beat Dick Daviscourt (31:25) ... Rudy Dusek beat Ivan Vacturoff

Lima OH: June 12, 1931: (Friday) (Armory) ... Hardy Kruskamp beat Ray Carpenter (2-1) ... Referee: Paul Adler ... John Arnold vs George Lasane

Cleveland OH: June 23, 1931: Joe Banaski beat Ray Carpenter (2-1)

Lima OH: June 26, 1931: (Armory) ... Hardy Kruskamp beat Nick Bozinas (2-1) ... Ray Carpenter drew Paul Adler

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